El asesino nazi Manfred Roeder pasó por Barcelona

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Manfred Roeder

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Manfred Roeder

Manfred Roeder (born 6 February 1929 in Berlin) is a former lawyer and a prominent Holocaust denier.




[edit] Life

Roeder attended a National Political Institute of Education (Nazi state boarding school) in Plön. As one of the youngest soldiers in the regular army he took part in the fighting for the defence of Berlin, then the capital of the Third Reich, in 1945. After the Second World War he was for a time a member of Germany‘s CDU party. After leaving the party he forged ties with the far-right political scene (in Germany and abroad) and with the Ku Klux Klan. Roeder’s career has been marked by an abundance of criminal charges, including resistance against state authority, and battery. In 1980 the Deutschen Aktionsgruppen (“German Action Groups”), a neo-Nazi organisation founded by Roeder, initiated attacks against buildings housing asylum seekers. Roeder was classified as a terrorist by German legal authorities as a result of these activities.

In 1997 the current affairs program Panorama revealed that in 1995 Roeder had appeared, by invitation, as a speaker at the German military‘s officer training academy in Hamburg. This scandal, as well as the fact that Roeder had received financial donations from the military, led to the sacking of the academy’s commander and the instatement of Rear-Admiral Rudolf Lange as his replacement, with the goal of restoring the good reputation of the academy.

In 1997 Roeder stood as the NPD candidate (a far-right party) for Stralsund in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern during the parliamentary elections, promoting himself as “Chancellor alternative 1998″, but was unsuccessful.

[edit] Criminal record

Because of his integral role in a terrorist organisation Roeder was sentenced to 13 years in prison in 1982, and was released in 1990, after serving two-thirds of his sentence, for good behaviour and a perceived social rehabilitation. In 1996 Roeder, together with other far-right extremists, perpetrated an attack on an exhibition in Erfurt detailing the role of the Wehrmacht in Nazi Germany, for which he was charged with property damage and fined DM-4,500. After being sentenced to prison by the state courts of Schwerin and Rostock under Germany’s Volksverhetzung law (incitement to hatred), and for other crimes, he was given a further ten months in September 2004 by the state court of Frankfurt for contempt of the state. In February 2005 a further sentencing for the same crime was passed by the court of Schwalmstadt. On May 12 2005 he began a prison sentence in Gießen.

[edit] Iranian connection

Roeder claims to have been present at the national celebrations in Iran following Ayatollah Khomeini‘s accession to power. In a letter to “Die Bauernschaft” (“Farming Community”), the journal published by fellow Holocaust-denier Thies Christophersen, Roeder wrote (apparently from Tehran): With our visit we wanted to demonstrate our solidarity with the Iranian struggle against all the great powers … Therefore it is our goal to effect a similar revolution in Germany, and to send to the devil all those politicians who are propped up from abroad, just like the Shah.

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