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LA LISTA DEL MAL.marzo 2010

por as1944


A 45-year-old civilian is shot twice in the back of the head by Muslim militants.
2010.03.31 Thailand Pattani 1 2 Islamic militants shoot one man to death and wound two others as they are watcing TV in their home.
2010.03.31 Afghanistan Lashkar Gah 13 43 A dozen people at a wheat market (including eight children) are blown to bits by a Jihad bicycle bomb.
2010.03.31 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Sunni bombers take out a couple of local cops.
2010.03.31 Pakistan Khyber 6 20 Six security personnel are killed in a sustained attack by armed fundamentalists.
2010.03.31 Dagestan Kizlyar 12 23 Two suicide bombers send twelve innocent souls to Allah, including rescue workers.
2010.03.30 India Hyderabad 1 25 Muslims attack a Hindu festival, burning cows, destroying property and stabbing a 22-year-old to death.
2010.03.30 Afghanistan Heart 5 2 The Taliban murder five civilians with a roadside bomb.
2010.03.30 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Two civilians are shot to death by Sunni militants.
2010.03.29 Iraq Kirkuk 1 0 Terrorists kidnap a police officer and shoot him to death.
2010.03.29 Pakistan Peshawar 2 3 A teenage suicide bomber sends two Pakistanis to Allah.
2010.03.29 Russia Moscow 38 102 Female suicide bombers massacre about forty subway commuters and leave another one-hundred in agony.
2010.03.29 Thailand Yala 1 0 A village chief is brutally gunned down at a wedding by Muslim separatists.
2010.03.29 Pakistan Tank 1 2 A Shahid suicide bomber murders a civilian on his way home from a village defense meeting.
2010.03.29 Pakistan Mamoond 2 8 Two people are killed by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2010.03.29 Iraq Karbala 12 74 A triple suicide bombing at a restaurant and an ambulance stand leaves a dozen dead.
2010.03.29 Pakistan Kurram 3 0 The Taliban kidnap and cut the throats of three tribal elders.
2010.03.28 Iraq Mosul 1 3 A 3-year-old child dies when Mujahideen bombers target a Christian woman and her three daughters in their home.
2010.03.28 Iraq Quaim 6 24 Six people at a construction site are killed in a coordinated series of bomb blasts.
2010.03.28 Pakistan Thal 6 0 Six truck drivers bringing supplies to a Shia town are kidnapped and shot dead in captivity by Sunni radicals.
2010.03.28 Somalia Mogadishu 1 0 A Somali tribal elder is assassinated by suspected Hizbul-Islam militants.
2010.03.27 Afghanistan Helmand 1 0 A suicide bomber murders a British soldier clearing mines from a civilian road.
2010.03.27 Afghanistan Kabul 6 7 Children are among the casualties of three bombings that leave six civilians dead around the country.
2010.03.27 Iraq Saadiya 3 1 Islamic terrorists open fire on a group of civilians outside their home, killing three.
2010.03.27 Somalia Mogadishu 4 2 al-Shabaab Islamists kill four people, including a woman, with a roadside bomb.
2010.03.26 Afghanistan Khost 1 3 An aid worker is killed when Talibanis fire on a group rebuilding a school.
2010.03.26 Israel Gaza Border 2 2 Two Israeli soldiers are killed by Hamas gunfire.
2010.03.26 Iraq Khalis 53 105 Two massive bomb blasts at a shopping area leave over fifty innocent people dead.
2010.03.25 Iraq Ramadi 1 8 A Shahid suicide bomber takes out an Iraqi.
2010.03.25 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 A mother and daughter are brutally shot to death in their home by Muslim terrorists.
2010.03.25 Iraq Touz Khormato 2 6 Two people are killed by Jihadi bombers.
2010.03.25 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Suspected al-Qaeda bombers murder a Sunni.
2010.03.25 Pakistan Orakzai 2 0 Two tribal elders are abducted and beheaded by Religion of Peace radicals.
2010.03.25 Afghanistan Khost 2 4 Two Afghan civilians are killed when Islamic hardliners attack a NATO base.
2010.03.24 Afghanistan Kabul 2 1 Islamic militants stop a vehicle with a roadside bomb, then machine-gun the occupants.
2010.03.24 Iraq Hit 3 2 A teenage suicide bomber murders three people in their home.
2010.03.24 Iraq Radwaniya 5 0 Five Iraqi soldiers are shot to death execution style at a checkpoint.
2010.03.24 Afghanistan Uruzgan 2 0 Two men working for a land-mine clearing operation are murdered by Islamists.
2010.03.24 Afghanistan Ghazni 3 0 Three local cops are blasted to death by Taliban bombers.
2010.03.23 Pakistan Orakzai 1 0 A tribal elder is abducted and executed by religious extremists.
2010.03.23 Iraq Balad Ruz 1 0 Suspected al-Qaeda bombers take down a Sunni leader.
2010.03.22 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Two city workers are brutally shot to death by Muslim terrorists.
2010.03.22 Iraq Mosul 1 0 An electrician is murdered in front of his home by drive-by Jihadis.
2010.03.22 Pakistan Rawalpindi 1 1 A Christian dies after being burned alive three days earlier for refusing to embrace Islam. His wife was also raped.
2010.03.22 Iraq Radwaniya 2 0 Islamic ‘insurgents’ gun down two policemen.
2010.03.21 Iraq Yusufiya 3 5 Three Iraqis are taken down by a roadside bomb.
2010.03.21 Pakistan Quetta 4 5 A suicide bomber on a bicycle pedals to paradise, taking four innocents with him.
2010.03.21 Afganistan Helmand 10 7 Ten Afghans at a market are blown to bits by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2010.03.21 Iraq Mosul 1 0 An elderly man is gunned down in his home by Islamic terrorists.
2010.03.21 Pakistan North Waziristan 4 0 Tehreek-e-Taliban hardliners abduct and execute four local tribesmen.
2010.03.21 Afghanistan Khost 3 3 Three young men are killed when Islamists bomb a picnic area.
2010.03.21 Iraq Garma 2 0 A man and wife are shot to death in their home by al-Qaeda.
2010.03.20 Somalia Kismayo 1 0 Islamists gun down a rival.
2010.03.20 Pakistan Kurram 1 6 A woman is killed in the crossfire when rival religious groups clash.
2010.03.20 Pakistan Quetta 4 0 Four Shias are shredded by gunfire in a suspected sectarian attack.
2010.03.20 Pakistan Peshawar 1 0 Hardliners beat a student to death for playing music, which they consider to be against Islamic teaching.
2010.03.19 Pakistan Kurram 2 3 Islamists attack the houses of peace committee members, leaving two dead.
2010.03.19 Iraq Baghdad 4 7 Four Iraqis are blown to bits by Mujahideen bombers.
2010.03.19 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Muslim radicals gun down an auto parts salesman.
2010.03.18 Iraq Mosul 2 1 A woman in her home is among two people murdered by Islamic terrorists.
2010.03.18 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 Islamic terrorists murder a woman inside her home.
2010.03.18 Pakistan Bajaur 1 0 Islamists gun down an off-cuty policeman on his way home.
2010.03.18 Israel Netiv Haasara 1 0 A 30-year-old farm laborer is killed by a Palestinian rocket fired from Gaza.
2010.03.18 Pakistan Mohmand 1 0 A young girl is taken out by a Taliban landmine.
2010.03.18 Iraq Sherquat 2 0 Two men are abducted and beheaded by suspected al-Qaeda.
2010.03.17 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A 55-year-old Christian father is shot down in cold blood.
2010.03.17 Nigeria Dyie 13 6 Thirteen more Christian villagers are massacred by Muslim raiders in an overnight attack, including a mother and two children burned to death. Victims also had their tongues cut out.
2010.03.17 Thailand Yala 1 2 Muslim militants murder a teenage boy and seriously injure his parents.
2010.03.17 Pakistan Khyber 5 2 Five security personnel are slain by an Islamist attack on a checkpost.
2010.03.16 India Srinagar 4 9 A salesman is among four people murdered in two separate attacks by Islamic snipers.
2010.03.16 Thailand Narathiwat 1 1 Islamic radicals shoot a 43-year-old Buddhist civilian to death.
2010.03.16 Iraq Mosul 2 0 A woman and her daughter are gunned down by Sunni terrorists.
2010.03.16 Thailand Pattani 1 1 Islamists shoot a 38-year old teacher to death in an attack that leaves his 7-year-old son injured.
2010.03.16 Iraq Mussayab 8 11 Jihadis plant two bombs on a bus that leave eight dead and eleven more in agony.
2010.03.16 Pakistan Kurram 3 0 Three local tribesmen are killed in a botched kidnapping attempt by Taliban hardliners.
2010.03.15 Iraq Mosul 3 2 Three police are killed in separate Mujahideen attacks.
2010.03.15 Afghanistan Ghazni 3 0 Three civilians are shredded by a Taliban shrapnel bomb.
2010.03.15 Iraq Khaldiya 1 0 A Sunni cleric is assassinated by Religion of Peace rivals.
2010.03.15 Somalia Mahaday 1 0 The Christian pastor of an underground church is hunted down like an animal by Islamists and shot to death. (He was not a convert to Islam).
2010.03.15 Iraq Fallujah 8 28 A Shahid suicide bomber detonates among a group of laborers, leaving at least eight dead.
2010.03.14 Afghanistan Marjah 1 0 A reported beheading of a local civilian by the Taliban is confirmed.
2010.03.14 Pakistan Khyber 2 0 An electrician is among two civilians shot to death by Islamic militants.
2010.03.14 Iraq Mosul 1 0 An imam leaving a mosque is gunned down by Religion of Peace rivals.
2010.03.14 Iraq Mosul 4 2 Four local cops are cut to pieces by Jihadi roadside bombers.
2010.03.14 India Srinagar 1 5 Islamic militants lob a hand grenade at a police vehicle, killing one officer.
2010.03.14 Pakistan Dera Ismail Khan 1 0 Islamic terrorists kill a civilian with a landmine.
2010.03.13 Iraq Baghdad 3 19 Three Iraqis are taken down by a pair of Jihad blasts.
2010.03.13 Pakistan Mingora 17 51 Seventeen people at a courthouse are blown to bits by a Tehreek-e-Taliban suicide bomber pulling a rickshaw.
2010.03.13 Pakistan Mohmand 3 0 Three tribal members are machine-gunned to death by Religion of Peace radicals.
2010.03.13 Afghanistan Kandahar 35 52 About thirty innocent people are incinerated by a series of paradise-seeking suicide bombers
2010.03.12 Iraq Karbalah 2 3 A car bomb follows prayers, leaving two dead.
2010.03.12 India Srinagar 1 0 A civilian standing outside a mosque is murdered by a Mujahideen sniper.
2010.03.12 Egypt Marsa Matruh 0 23 Twenty-three Chistians are injured when a Muslim mob attacks their community after rumors of a church construction.
2010.03.12 Thailand Yala 2 2 A respected police chief is murdered by Islamic bombers six months short of retirement.
2010.03.12 Iraq Zoubaa 1 1 Freedom fighters kill a young boy outside of a policeman’s home.
2010.03.12 Pakistan Lahore 62 85 Over sixty innocents are sent to Allah by two Fedayeen suicide bombers.
2010.03.11 Pakistan Peshawar 4 21 A child is among four people taken down by a suicide bomber.
2010.03.11 Thailand Pattani 3 1 Three telephone company workers are shot by Mujahideen and then set on fire while still alive.
2010.03.11 Afghanistan Kapisa 5 3 Four children and one adult are dismembered by a Taliban roadside blast.
2010.03.11 Pakistan Karachi 4 0 Four Sunnis are shot to death by Shiites while riding in a car.
2010.03.11 Somalia Mogadishu 2 0 Two telecom employees are dragged into the street and beheaded by Religion of Peace extremists.
2010.03.11 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Islamists gun down a 61-year-old Buddhist broom salesman.
2010.03.11 Afghanistan Paktia 3 1 Three local security personnel are murdered by fundamentalist bombers.
2010.03.11 Pakistan Bajaur 2 0 Two people are killed in a shooting ambush by Islamic militants.
2010.03.10 Somalia Mogadishu 42 83 At least forty civilians are killed during a sustained assault by al-Shabaab militia.
2010.03.10 Pakistan Oghi 6 0 Six aid workers of a Christian charity are herded out of their office by Muslim gunmen and machine-gunned to death.
2010.03.10 Afghanistan Faryab 2 4 Two children are blown apart by a terrorist landmine. Four others are injured.
2010.03.10 Afghanistan Paktika 5 4 Five security personnel are killed by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2010.03.09 Afghanistan Khost 2 3 A Shahid suicide bomber at a military base kills two soldiers.
2010.03.09 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A 45-year-old salesman is shot once in the back of the head, then set on fire by Religion of Peace terrorists.
2010.03.09 Iraq Mosul 1 0 Sunni terrorists gun down a man at a bus station.
2010.03.09 Lebanon Hakr al-Daheri 1 0 A 24-year-old woman with a boyfriend is shot twice in the head by her brother to ‘cleanse the family honor.’
2010.03.09 Somalia Mogadishu 3 0 At least three civilians are killed during an attack by Islamic militia.
2010.03.09 Somalia Mogadishu 1 0 Islamists assassinate a rival in an open-air market.
2010.03.08 Afghanistan Badghis 12 0 Ten civilians and two local cops are dismembered by two Sunni bombs.
2010.03.08 Pakistan Lashkar-e-Islam 2 0 Lashkar-e-Islam gunmen take down two people in separate attacks.
2010.03.08 Pakistan Lahore 15 60 Fifteen people are blown to bits by a Fedayeen suicide bomber at an office park.
2010.03.08 Niger Niamey 5 0 Five members of a border patrol lose their lives to an al-Qaeda ambush.
2010.03.08 Pakistan South Waziristan 2 1 Two tribal elders are blown apart by a Taliban roadside bomb.
2010.03.08 Iraq Fallujah 2 1 Two civilians are gunned down by Sunni terrorists.
2010.03.07 Nigeria Dogo Nahauwa 528 600 Over five-hundred Christians, mostly women and children, are hacked to death by Muslim raiders with machetes in a night-time attack on their village. The killers yelled ‘Allah Akbar,’ as they chopped.
2010.03.07 Yemen Sanaa 2 0 Two hospital guards are gunned down by an al-Qaeda terrorist.
2010.03.07 India Srinagar 1 0 A 30-year-old shopkeeper is murdered by Islamic gunmen.
2010.03.07 Iraq Baghdad 51 140 Over fifty Iraqis are taken down in a series of bomb blasts and shootings around the country by Mujahideen intent on disrupting elections.
2010.03.07 Pakistan Orakzai 1 0 The beheaded body of a tribal elder is found a few days after his abduction by the Taliban.
2010.03.07 Afghanistan Baghlan 19 0 At least 19 civilians are killed when the Taliban and Hezb-e-Islami fundamentalist terror groups clash.
2010.03.07 Pakistan Lahore 1 0 A Christian man dies during a home invasion by Muslim gunmen.
2010.03.06 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A taxi driver dies after a savage machete attack by Muslim separatists.
2010.03.06 Iraq Najaf 4 54 Four Shia pilgrims are killed when Sunni radicals bomb a shrine.
2010.03.06 Iraq Garma 1 2 A woman is taken out by a Jihadi bomber.
2010.03.05 Iraq Mussayab 1 0 A child is blown apart by Mujahideen bombers.
2010.03.05 Pakistan Hangu 12 35 At least four women are among a dozen dead Shiites after a Sunni suicide bomber detonates near a passenger bus.
2010.03.04 Afghanistan Kandahar 5 0 Five construction workers are shot to pieces at point-blank range by Islamic terrorists.
2010.03.04 Pakistan Chamarkand 1 0 One person is killed when religious extremists attack a security post with rockets.
2010.03.04 Iraq Baghdad 17 61 Three separate Jihad bombings take the lives of seventeen people, including voters waiting in line.
2010.03.03 Somalia Mogadishu 12 49 Children are among those killed during an al-Shabaab assault.
2010.03.03 Iraq Baquba 33 55 Three Shahid suicide bombers take down more than thirty Iraqis in coordinated attacks.
2010.03.03 Iraq Kirkuk 2 0 Terrorists stab a man and his wife to death inside their home.
2010.03.03 Iraq Mosul 1 0 An imam is gunned down in his mosque by Religion of Peace rivals.
2010.03.02 Thailand Pattani 2 2 Islamists open fire on a father and his three daughters, killing him and a 7-year-old.
2010.03.02 Pakistan Khuzdar 2 12 Suspected fundamentalists bomb a music show, killing two college students.
2010.03.01 India Shimoga 1 0 A man dies from injuries after being hit with stones thrown by a mob angered over a newspaper article deemed insulting to Islam.
2010.03.01 Philippines Mindanao 1 0 A Chinese national dies from health complications suffered during an Abu Sayyaf kidnapping.
2010.03.01 Afghanistan Baghdad 3 0 A 10-year-old boy is among three people killed by dedicated Islamic bombers.
2010.03.01 Iraq Baghdad 4 0 Islamic fundamentalists bomb a liquor store, killing the owner and three patrons.
2010.03.01 Pakistan Karak 4 24 A Holy Warrior sends four innocents to Allah with a suicide bomb.
2010.03.01 Afghanistan Kandahar 4 0 Four civilians die in a brutal suicide attack on a bridge.
2010.03.01 Afghanistan Lashkar Gah 2 0 Two employees of a construction company are incinerated by a Sunni roadside bomb.
2010.03.01 Afghanistan Kandahar 1 15 A civilian is killed by a Taliban bomb.


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junio 27, 2010


por Israel y Oriente Medio

«El enaltecimiento o la justificación por cualquier medio de expresión pública o difusión de los delitos comprendidos en los artículos 571 a 577 de este Código (**) o de quienes hayan participado en su ejecución, o la realización de actos que entrañen descrédito, menosprecio o humillación de las víctimas de los delitos terroristas o de sus familiares se castigará con la pena de prisión de uno a dos años. El Juez también podrá acordar en la sentencia, durante el período de tiempo que el mismo señale, alguna o algunas de las prohibiciones previstas en el artículo 57 de este Código«

Asimismo el articulo 170.1 dice «Si las amenazas de un mal que constituyere delito fuesen dirigidas a atemorizar a los habitantes de una población, grupo étnico, cultural o religioso, o colectivo social o profesional, o a cualquier otro grupo de personas y tuvieran la gravedad necesaria para conseguirlo, se impondrán, respectivamente, las penas superiores en grado a las previstas en el artículo anterior«

Entonces …¿Por que pasan estas cosas?

La Audiencia Nacional sentencia que defender la Yihad no es delito

Dos pajarines llamados Gonzalo López Royo y a Fath Allah Sadaq respectivamente (aunque se les puede llamar de otras maneras) han sido absueltos del delito de enaltecimiento del terrorismo tras colgar en internet proclamas a favor de la yihad islamico bajo el seudonimo de «salaam1420»

Al parecer la Audiencia Nacional dice que «las expresiones de López Royo (entre ellas su deseo de «revertir España al califato de Córdoba y de que los musulmanes moderados «adopten  posturas extremas») no merecen otra calificación que la de «su brutalidad excesiva», pero ningún reproche penal»

«Todos esos actos, dice la Audiencia, «aun aceptando su aparente radicalismo», no acarrean que se hayan «traspasado los límites penales» pues en su opinión los términos Yihad y muyahidin «no son absolutamente y en todo caso incardinables en la esfera del terrorismo islámico»

El vergonzante Gonzalo fantaseó con ser un comandante de los ‘muyahidines’ y mantener vivo a un prisionero durante 30 segundos «tragando su propia sangre». En otra aseguró haber «bombardeado» su ciudad con pegatinas ilustradas con un fusil de asalto AK-47 que animaban a los «chicos magrebíes» a apoyar a las «tropas» con la consigna de «No hay más dios que Alá

El otro «penco», Allah Sadaq, por su parte, confeccionó otros vídeos en los que exaltaba a los líderes terroristas Osama Bin Laden, Al Zarqawi y Al Zawahiri y hacía apología de un atentado cometido por yihadistas en Ramada (Irak). En su domicilio, además, se encontraron dos manuales de doctrina sobre la Yihad, recortes y dossieres sobre Al Qaeda y dibujos y caricaturas relacionados con ETA, los GRAPO y otros grupos terroristas.

Me da verguenza que gracias a tres jueces de pacotilla estos pajarines puedan extender su odio y su bilis sin ningun contratiempo.


junio 27, 2010

La opinión del «padre» de la Patria Turca:

por as1944



Hace ya más de 500 años  que las reglas y las teorias de un antiguo sheik árabe ,y las interpretaciones abusivas de imanes mugrientos e ignorantes han fijado, en Turquia ,todos los detalles de la Ley Civil y Penal.

 Han reglado la foma de la constitución,los más mínimos gestos y hechos de la vida de cada ciudadano, su comida,sus horas de actividad y las de sueño,la forma de sus vestidos,sus costumbres,sus hábitos y hasta sus pensamientos más intimos. 


junio 27, 2010

Recordando las matanzas árabes.Hoy:Familia Hatuel.

por bajurtov


Matan a una mujer embarazada y sus cuatro hijas

Terroristas palestinos en Gaza mataron a tiros a una mujer embarazada y sus cuatro niñas, el mismo día que el Likud sometía a referéndum el plan del premier Ariel Sharon de retirarse de ese territorio.En el ataque murieron Tali Hatuel, de 34 años, embarazada de ocho meses, y sus cuatro hijas: Hila, de 11 años; Hadar, de 9; Roni, de 7; y Merav, de 2.La familia estaba en un vehículo cuando los palestinos abrieron fuego. El ejército y testigos dijeron que los milicianos dispararon indiscriminadamente contra los ocupantes del auto.

Soldados israelíes acudieron al lugar y mataron a los milicianos. Dos soldados resultaron heridos.

Los grupos Yihad Islámica y Comités de Resistencia Popular se atribuyeron el ataque «heroico», en una llamada telefónica a The Associated Press.

Sharon calificó de «horrendo» el asesinato y estimó que los extremistas pretendían hacer fracasar su proyecto de retiro de Gaza.

La familia Hatuel se oponía a la retirada unilateral israelí de la Franja de Gaza y de partes de Cisjordania. En el vehículo en el que murieron había una placa que decía: «Un corazón judío vota que no» por el plan.

REPRESALIA. Horas después, helicópteros israelíes lanzaron misiles contra un edificio en Gaza que alberga las oficinas de una radio vinculada al grupo extremista Hamas. Siete palestinos sufrieron heridas leves.

Fuentes militares informaron que el ejército había atacado a la estación radial de Hamas por promover la «incitación» de actos violentos.

El primer misil que cayó sacudió el edificio y los cristales salieron disparados por doquier, dijo Fathi Sabbah, un editor del diario Al Ayyam.

En otro episodio posterior, un avión israelí disparó contra un automóvil en Naplusa, matando a cuatro personas, incluyendo a dos líderes de las Brigadas de Mártires de Al Aqsa, grupo vinculado al partido de ABU MAZEN.

Los dirigentes ultimados fueron identificados como Nader Abu Leil y Hashem Abu Hamdan.

junio 27, 2010

LA LISTA DEL MAL.Febrero de 2010

por as1944


 La Sharia,aplicación penal.

Date Country City Killed Injured Description
2010.02.28 Afghanistan Kabul 5 2 Muslim terrorists shoot five family members to death inside their home.
2010.02.28 Afghanistan Helmand 11 0 Two women and two children are among eleven civilians taken down by Islamic bombers.
2010.02.28 Afghanistan Khost 6 0 Six local soldiers die in two Taliban bomb attacks.
2010.02.27 Pakistan Dera Ismail Khan 1 7 A sectarian sniper takes down one civilian in a Sunni procession.
2010.02.27 Pakistan Karak 4 23 A child is among four locals murdered in separate suicide bombings.
2010.02.27 Philippines Tubigan 11 17 Women and children are among a dozen gunned down by Moro Islamists sweeping through a Christian village.
2010.02.27 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Islamic separatists pump a 70-year-old man full of bullets as he is walking home.
2010.02.27 Pakistan Dera Ismail Khan 7 38 Seven people are killed in a sectarian mob attack on a seminary.
2010.02.26 Iraq Mosul 3 22 Three Iraqis are taken down by a Jihadi bomb planted in a dumpster.
2010.02.26 Somalia Mogadishu 4 5 An Islamist landmine attack leaves four local soldiers dead.
2010.02.26 Liberia Voinjama 4 23 A Muslim mob burns churches and kills at least four Christians.
2010.02.26 Afghanistan Kabul 17 32 Religious extremists attack guesthouses with suicide bombs and gunfire, killing seventeen people, including several foreigners.
2010.02.26 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 An imam is shot to death by members of a rival mosque.
2010.02.25 Saudi Arabia Riyadh 1 3 Four British cyclists are delibertely run down by drivers in two cars. A 54-year-old humanitarian worker dies from injuries.
2010.02.25 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Two women are killed in separate Jihad attacks. One is stabbed and the other beheaded.
2010.02.25 India Pulwama 1 0 Mujahideen gun down a shopkeeper.
2010.02.25 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Two members of a minority community are gunned down in their store by militant Muslims.
2010.02.24 Pakistan North Waziristan 3 0 Three civilians have their throats cut by the Taliban, who throw their headless bodies into a ditch.
2010.02.24 Pakistan Peshawar 4 0 Four young brothers, ages 4 to 17, are destroyed by a Taliban rocket attack on their home.
2010.02.24 Pakistan Hangu 3 3 Suspected Islamic radicals fire on a railway car, killing three passengers, including a college student.
2010.02.24 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 Terrorists assassinate a judge with a bomb outside his home.
2010.02.23 Iraq Mosul 3 0 A Christian father and his two sons are murdered in their home. They were relatives of a priest.
2010.02.23 Afghanistan Lashkar Gah 7 14 Seven civilians at a bus stop are blown to pieces by a bicycle bomb.
2010.02.23 Iraq Baghdad 3 5 Islamists plant a bomb on a dead body, which kills three people assigned to remove the corpse.
2010.02.23 Iraq Mosul 2 5 Jihadis gun down two local cops.
2010.02.23 India Baramulla 3 3 Islamic militants open fire on a group of Indian soldiers, killing three.
2010.02.22 Pakistan Mingora 13 41 Four women are among more than a dozen innocents blasted to death by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2010.02.22 Iraq Ramadi 5 5 A Jihadi car bomb takes down five Iraqis outside a government building, including a 6-year-old boy.
2010.02.22 Iraq Baghdad 7 8 A university professor and a streetsweeper are among seven people shot to death by Muslim terrorists in separate attacks.
2010.02.22 Algeria Boumerdes 1 5 A local soldier is killed in a bomb attack by Islamic fundamentalists.
2010.02.22 Pakistan Peshawar 1 1 A prominent Shia leader is assassinated by Sunni gunmen.
2010.02.22 Iraq Baghdad 4 0 Sunni militants invade a home and gun down a Shia woman and her three daughters.
2010.02.22 India Baramulla 1 3 A local family is brutally assaulted by Muslim thugs, who smash the head of their 10-day old infant with a rock.
2010.02.22 Iraq Baghdad 8 0 Eight Shia family members, including a pregnant woman are shot and beheaded in their home by suspected al-Qaeda.
2010.02.22 Thailand Narathiwat 2 0 Two guards at a shop are shot to death in a Muslim drive-by.
2010.02.22 Pakistan Swat 6 5 A half-dozen people are taken down by a Shahid suicide bomber at a marketplace.
2010.02.21 Iraq Tikrit 1 2 A suicide bomber targeting a mosque manages to kill one civilian.
2010.02.21 Iraq Taji 1 7 Sunni gunmen fire on a bus carrying Shia pilgrims, killing at least one passenger.
2010.02.21 Iraq Khanaqin 5 1 Jihadis gun down five guards at a power station at point-blank range
2010.02.21 Pakistan Khyber 2 0 The heads of three Sikhs, kidnapped by the Taliban, are discovered. Two were businessmen who did not pay the Jizya. The other would not embrace Islam.
2010.02.21 Somalia Mogadishu 3 0 Three men are killed in a Hizbul Islam bombing.
2010.02.20 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A 57-year-old Christian shopkeeper is kidnapped and brutally shot to death by Muslim kidnappers.
2010.02.20 Pakistan Balakot 1 3 Three suicide attackers manage to kill only one police officer in assaults on two stations.
2010.02.20 Bangladesh Baghaichhari 8 200 At least eight people are killed when Muslim villagers riot against Christian and Buddhist neighbors.
2010.02.20 Ingushetia Nazran 2 37 Two people are blown to bits by an Islamic bomb.
2010.02.20 Iraq Mosul 3 2 Three Iraqis are dismembered by Sunni bombers.
2010.02.20 Pakistan Swat 1 0 The body of a businessman kidnapped earlier by Islamic fundamentalists is discovered.
2010.02.20 Afghanistan Helmand 6 2 The Taliban open fire on a group of police officers clearing a poppy field, killing six.
2010.02.20 Afghanistan Helmand 2 0 Two civilians on a motorcycle are murdered by Mujahid bombers.
2010.02.19 Afghanistan Kandahar 4 0 Four civilians are taken down by a Taliban roadside bomb.
2010.02.19 Iraq Tal Afar 1 0 Islamic gunmen murder a cop on his way home.
2010.02.19 Iraq Ramadi 10 15 Terrorists successfully kill ten Iraqis with a car bomb.
2010.02.19 Philippines Basilan 2 1 Two local soldiers killed by an Abu Sayyaf bomb.
2010.02.18 Pakistan Mingora 1 2 Taliban hard-liners ambush a police patrol, killing one officer.
2010.02.18 Iraq Baghdad 13 26 A Fedayeen suicide bomber sends over a dozen Iraqis to Allah.
2010.02.18 Pakistan Tirah 31 110 Thirty people are incinerated by a Shahid suicide bomber at a rival mosque.
2010.02.18 Thailand Yala 1 12 Industrious Islamists shoot a civilian to death in one district and set off a motorcycle bomb in another.
2010.02.18 Iraq Mosul 0 22 A Jihadi car bombing injures two dozen people.
2010.02.17 Philippines Mindanao 1 2 A 9-year-old boy is taken down by a Moro Islamist landmine.
2010.02.17 Iraq Mosul 1 0 Another young Christian is shot to death by Muslim extremists.
2010.02.17 Thailand Narathiwat 2 0 Religion of Peace advocates behead two government soldiers trying to guard teachers.
2010.02.16 Iraq Mosul 2 9 Holy Warriors manage to kill two Iraqis with a car bomb.
2010.02.16 Iraq Mosul 2 0 A woman and a civil servant are gunned down in separate Jihad attacks.
2010.02.15 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A 36-year-old man is shot to death by Islamic militants at his work site.
2010.02.15 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A 20-year-old Christian student is kidnapped and brutally murdered by Mujahideen.
2010.02.15 Lebanon Ain el Hilweh 2 0 An attack by a Sunni fundamentalist group leaves two people dead, including a woman.
2010.02.15 Somalia Mogadishu 2 2 An al-Shabaab suicide bomber targets a moving vehicle, killing two bystanders.
2010.02.15 Thailand Narathiwat 2 0 A rubber tapper and her daughter are gunned down by Muslim radicals on the plantation where they worked.
2010.02.15 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A 42-year-old Christian is shot to death in front of his store.
2010.02.15 Yemen Jawf 1 0 A 51-year-old man is shot to death by Shia radicals while eating lunch.
2010.02.14 Iraq Baghdad 2 6 Mujahideen bomb a cafe, killing two patrons.
2010.02.14 Pakistan Khyber 3 0 Muslim radicals gun down three civilians in separate attacks.
2010.02.14 Pakistan Sindh 3 16 Suspected fundamentalists bomb a movie theater, leaving at least three innocents dead.
2010.02.14 Thailand Pattani 2 0 Islamists brutally murder a Buddhist woman and her 13-year-old daughter.
2010.02.14 Ingushetia Nazran 2 0 Jihadis wipe out a young man and his mother near the entrance to a mosque.
2010.02.14 Dagestan Novogodari 3 0 A young girl is among three people killed when Muslim gunmen open up on a vehicle.
2010.02.14 Iraq Mosul 1 1 Islamists enter a Christian businessman’s home and murder him.
2010.02.13 Thailand Pattani 1 2 Muslim militants shoot a man sitting on his front porch with friends.
2010.02.13 India Pune 17 37 Five women are more than a dozen innocents blasted to death by a Mujahid bomber at a bakery near a Jewish center.
2010.02.13 Afghanistan Kandahar 2 7 A Fedayeen suicide bomber sends two other souls to Allah.
2010.02.13 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A 44-year-old man is gunned down by Islamic militants while using the restroom.
2010.02.13 Pakistan Kasur 1 0 A Muslim mob beats a young man to death after his father declares himself a prophet.
2010.02.13 Iraq Kufa 6 10 A female suicide bomber murders at least six Shia pilgrims headed to a religious ceremony.
2010.02.12 Somalia Afgoye 2 0 al-Shabaab Islamists shoot two civilians to death.
2010.02.12 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A 38-year-old man is murdered by Muslim gunmen.
2010.02.12 Iraq Buhriz 2 0 A man and his son are blown to bits by Jihadi bombers.
2010.02.12 Yemen Saada 1 7 Militant Shiites ambush and kill a government soldier.
2010.02.12 Afghanistan Paktia 3 0 Three women are bound, gagged and executed by religious extremists.
2010.02.11 Philippines Cotabato 1 0 Muslim extremists shoot a man to death as he is riding a motorbike to work.
2010.02.11 Pakistan Bannu 15 24 Fifteen innocents are blown to bits in a double suicide bombing by Islamic militants.
2010.02.11 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 An imam at a mosque is gunned down by sectarian rivals.
2010.02.11 Iraq Mosul 1 0 Jihadis murder a 17-year-old with an IED.
2010.02.10 Iraq Baquba 2 1 Jihadi gunmen take down two Iraqis in their own home.
2010.02.10 Somalia Hamarjajab 5 7 al-Shabaab militants take out five Somalis with a roadside bomb.
2010.02.10 Pakistan Khyber 18 10 A teenage Fedayeen suicide bomber detonates along a highway, killing nearly twenty others.
2010.02.10 Thailand Pattani 2 0 Two men are shot to death by Mujahideen in separate attacks.
2010.02.10 Israel Nablus 1 0 A Palestinian policeman walks up to an Israeli soldier and stabs him to death.
2010.02.10 Iraq Abu Ghraib 2 4 Two Iraqi cops are blown apart by Mujahideen bombers.
2010.02.10 Pakistan Khyber 1 2 The Taliban murder a member of a rescue team.
2010.02.10 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A Buddhist man at a bird singing competition is brutally gunned down by Muslim radicals.
2010.02.09 Egypt Menoufia 1 0 A young Christian carpenter is gunned down at close range by a Muslim policeman in a suspected sectarian attack.
2010.02.09 Sudan al-Baytari 4 15 Janjiweed militia attack a refugee camp and murder four residents.
2010.02.09 Iraq Baghdad 1 1 Muslim assassins murder a man in front of his wife.
2010.02.08 Pakistan Punjab 0 1 A Christian man is beaten unconscious for refusing to embrace Islam.
2010.02.08 India Sopore 1 0 A police officer is gunned down by Muslim militants.
2010.02.08 Pakistan Khyber 1 4 A young girl is killed in a rocket attack by Sunni hardliners.
2010.02.08 Iraq Baghdad 1 3 One civilian is killed by Jihadi bombers while crossing a bridge.
2010.02.08 Somalia Mogadishu 10 20 al-Shabaab claims responsibility for a series of attacks that leave at least ten civilians dead.
2010.02.08 Thailand Yala 1 0 A 41-year-old man is shot to death in his own backyard by Islamists.
2010.02.08 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Islamic radicals target a Buddhist teacher riding home on his motorcycle. He is shot and then set on fire.
2010.02.08 Pakistan Rawalpindi 4 1 Muslim terrorists open fire on a vehicle, killing two occupants and two bystanders.
2010.02.07 Afghanistan Mazar-e Sharif 3 1 Two Swedes and their interpretor are shot to death by religious extremists dresses as police.
2010.02.07 Pakistan North Waziristan 1 0 An Afghan refugee is kidnapped and murdered by Islamic hardliners.
2010.02.07 Iraq Mosul 1 1 A female veterinarian is shot to death by Holy Warriors.
2010.02.07 Iraq Diwaniya 1 3 Jihadis bomb a minibus, killing one occupant.
2010.02.07 Afghanistan Kandahar 4 2 Islamists detonate a hidden bomb under a bridge, taking out a car full of local cops.
2010.02.06 Thailand Narathiwat 1 1 A local soldier in a moving truck is killed by a Mujahideen sniper.
2010.02.05 India Baramulla 2 0 A civilian and local cop are murdered in a Mujahideen ambush.
2010.02.05 Pakistan Malakand 1 0 A local soldier standing guard is gunned down in cold blood by Islamists.
2010.02.05 Pakistan Karachi 33 80 A Christian family and dozens of Shiites are blown to bits by Sunni bombers at two locations, one a hospital.
2010.02.05 Iraq Karbalah 41 154 A barbaric Sunni double car-bombing against Shia pilgrims at a religious festival leaves at least forty dead.
2010.02.05 India Sopore 3 0 Islamic terrorists approach a police checkpoint and open fire, killing a civilian and two officers.
2010.02.05 Afghanistan Helmand 2 20 Two civilians are incinerated by a Taliban roadside bomb.
2010.02.04 Afghanistan Kandahar 3 17 Three people are dismembered by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2010.02.04 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 A man leaving a mosque is killed by a suspected Mujahid.
2010.02.03 Iraq Karbalah 23 147 A Fedayeen bomber passes out fruit to children before detonating, killing nearly two dozen.
2010.02.03 Iraq Baghdad 1 3 Sunni bombers send a Shia pilgrim straight to Allah.
2010.02.03 Pakistan Swat 9 115 Four children are among nine people killed when the Tehrik-e-Taliban bomb am opening ceremony at a girl’s school.
2010.02.03 Iraq Touz Khormato 1 0 A teacher is kidnapped and killed by Muslim radicals.
2010.02.03 Germany Northrhein-Westphalia 1 0 A mother of four is beheaded and then has her fingers cut off in a suspected ‘honor’ attack by her husband.
2010.02.03 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A rubber tapper working with his wife is shot in the back by Muslim militants with a shotgun
2010.02.02 Philippines Maluso 1 8 Suspected Abu Sayyaf militants plant a landmine that kills one local soldier.
2010.02.02 Iraq Karbalah 3 21 Three Shia pilgirms are murdered by Sunni bombers.
2010.02.02 Pakistan Mohmand 2 2 Two members of a peace community pay the ultimate price when Islamic hardliners blow them up.
2010.02.01 Ingushetia Nazran 1 3 Islamists fire five grenades into a building, killing at least one occupant.
2010.02.01 Iraq Baghdad 54 117 A female suicide bomber murders fifty-four innocent Shia pilgrims at a hospitality tent, mostly women and children.
2010.02.01 Ingushetia Nazran 1 3 A bomb planted in a kindergarten explodes, leaving one person dead.
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WASHINGTON – Sue Myrick,representante en el Congreso de Carolina del Norte,USA, acaba de dar la alarma  :el Hizbullah está en contacto con los cartels de la droga en la frontera americo-mejicana ,y llama a la secretaria de Seguridad Interior, Janet Napolitano , para investigar este asunto.Dice:»Tenemos que averiguar lo que está pasando en las fronteras ,ahora que  el crimen y las amenazas terroristas aumentan aùn dentro de los EEUU»

 El Hizbullah,continuó,está posicionándose en el mundo de los cartels de Méjico. Están dando clases de español financiadas por el presidente de Venezuela Hugo Chavez,y se visten de civiles mejicanos para pasar así a los EEUU.

Foto:Las componentes del Grupo «Las leonas de Michoacán» célebres

cantantes de narcocorridos famosos , como el popular «De Sinaloa a

California le anda buscando la Ley a Mohamed Nasrrallah», y otros.

 Tienen,dijo,experiencia en perforación de túneles ,y piensan infiltrar droga masivamente por ellos. De hecho ya se han detenido a narcos con tatuajes escritos en persa.

Hizbullah es conocido,hace años, por organizar tramas de narcos  en Amèrica del Sur ,particularmente en la zona de la triple frontera entre Brasil, Argentina y Paraguay,pero ahora las informaciones hablan de que está penetrando el mercado de la droga mejicana.


En su llamada a Napolitano ,Myrick citó a un responsable del Ejército de Méjico que declara  como los miembros del Hizbullah podrían estar entrenando a narcos de los cartels para fabricación de bombas .»De este modo atacarán los puestos  de aduanas de la frontera,como se ha visto en Israel, y atentarán contra la guardia Nacional» añadió.


 Foto: Nasrrallah  cantando  :»Con mi 30 – 3o me voy  a marchar…»

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La lista del Mal (dos):ENERO DE 2009

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Atentados de la Religión del Amor. Enero 2009

Liste des attentats islamistes Janvier 2009 ,Lista de atentados Islamistas de Enero del 2009
Source : thereligionofpeace 
Adapté par Aschkel 

Décembre 2009

Monthly Jihad Report
 December, 2009

 Jihad Attacks: 164
 Countries: 17
 Religions: 5
 Dead Bodies: 855
 Critically Injured: 2325
Date Country City Killed Injured Description
2010.01.31 Thailand Pattani 3 1 A 6-year-old boy and his parents are brutally shot to death by Religion of Peace advocates.
2010.01.30 Pakistan Bajaur 16 20 A suicide bomber at a market sends sixteen shoppers straight to Allah.
2010.01.30 Iraq Samarrah 2 20 Two people at a restaurant are blown to bits by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2010.01.30 Somalia Mogadishu 12 25 A mother and her two children are among a dozen civilians burned or blasted to death when Islamists lob mortars into their neighborhood.
2010.01.30 Pakistan Bolochistan 3 7 Sectarian Jihadis fire into a bus filled with Shia pilgrims, killing at least three.
2010.01.30 Pakistan North Waziristan 2 0 The Taliban abduct two civilians, then shoot them to death in captivity.
2010.01.30 Iraq Baghdad 1 4 Sunni bombers take out a Shia pilgrim.
2010.01.30 Afghanistan Uruzgan 1 1 A baby is killed when religious extremists use the mother as a human shield in an attack on Afghan troops.
2010.01.30 Thailand Pattani 2 0 A man and his wife are murdered by Islamic radicals while on their way to work at a rubber plantation.
2010.01.29 Afghanistan Wardak 2 0 An interpreter suddendly turns on two US soldiers, killing both.
2010.01.29 India Kishtwar 2 0 Two Indian troops are gunned down in cold blood by Islamic militants.
2010.01.29 Afghanistan Lashkar Gah 1 3 At least one civilian is killed during a sustained Taliban assault on a commercial district.
2010.01.29 Somalia Mogadishu 10 35 An al-Shabaab ambush leaves at least 10 people dead.
2010.01.29 Thailand Pattani 1 2 A bomb detonated at a mosque kills a local soldier.
2010.01.28 Ingushetia Nazran 1 0 Islamic militants fire on a car, killing the driver.
2010.01.28 Iraq Adel 1 0 An imam is gunned down by Muslim rivals while leaving a mosque.
2010.01.28 Iran Tehran 2 0 Two people are executed for ‘waging war against Allah’.
2010.01.28 Iraq Mosul 4 3 Jihadi bombers take down four Iraqis.
2010.01.27 Iraq Baghdad 2 5 A woman is among two people murdered by Mujahid gunmen.
2010.01.27 Ingushetia Nazran 2 2 Two police officers die in the hospital from injuries suffered in a Islamic ambush.
2010.01.27 Somalia Hiran 8 0 Rival Islamic groups Hizbul Islam and al-Shabaab go on a beheading spree, lopping off at least four heads apiece.
2010.01.27 Somalia Mogadishu 1 0 Islamists assassinate a local official at a market.
2010.01.27 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Muslim terrorists shoot two people to death.
2010.01.27 Pakistan Mardan 1 5 A drive-by attack by Sunni hardliners leaves one cop dead.
2010.01.27 Pakistan Dir 3 0 Three children are murdered by Taliban bombers while grazing their family goats.
2010.01.26 Afghanistan Helmand 4 0 Talibanis ambush and kill four local policemen in the middle of the night.
2010.01.26 Iraq Mosul 0 1 A Christian shopkeeper is targeted by Muslim gunmen and seriously injured.
2010.01.26 Somalia Mogadishu 5 3 al-Shabaab Islamists bomb a hospital clinic, killing at leat five.
2010.01.26 Pakistan Salarzai 1 0 A local tribesman is abducted and murdered by Sunni extremists.
2010.01.26 Thailand Pattani 3 0 Two Buddhist contruction workers are among three people gunned down Islamic separatists in two attacks.
2010.01.26 Iraq Baghdad 22 80 A Shahid suicide bomber murders over twenty people working at a police crime lab.
2010.01.25 Somalia Sool 2 3 Two police officers are killed by a bomb hidden in a mosque.
2010.01.25 Iraq Baghdad 41 102 Three horrific bomb attacks on hotels leave at least three dozen dead and many more in agony.
2010.01.25 Iraq Mosul 2 0 A woman and her daughter are shot to death in their own home by Holy Warriors.
2010.01.25 Iraq Kirkuk 2 0 Two cops sitting at a gas station are wasted by Sunni gunmen.
2010.01.25 Yemen Sanaa 3 0 al-Qaeda militants attack a checkpoint, killing three local soldiers.
2010.01.24 Iraq Mosul 6 2 Six Iraqis are killed in two Mujahid bomb blasts.
2010.01.23 Afghanistan Khost 1 0 A 16-year-old boy is sent straight to Allah by Taliban bombers.
2010.01.23 Afghanistan Helmand 1 0 A young marine is murdered by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2010.01.23 Pakistan Gomal 4 11 Two children are among four people dismembered by a suicide bomber.
2010.01.23 Afghanistan Paktika 4 3 Islamic hardliners fire into a taxi, killing three women and a boy.
2010.01.23 Afghanistan Helmand 2 2 Muslim radicals take out two children with an IED blast.
2010.01.23 Pakistan North Waziristan 7 0 Seven civilians are kidnapped and executed by Sunni hardliners.
2010.01.23 Pakistan Orakzai 3 0 Three local soldiers are ambushed and killed by religious extremists.
2010.01.22 Pakistan Lahore 1 0 A 12-year-old Christian girl is raped, tortured and killed by her Muslim employer, a respected lawyer.
2010.01.22 Afghanistan Ghazni 4 1 Four soldiers are sent to Allah by Taliban bombers.
2010.01.22 Bangladesh Netrokona 0 2 A Catholic humanitarian worker and his wife are attacked by a gang of Muslims.
2010.01.22 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Jihadi gunmen assassinate two police officers.
2010.01.22 Pakistan Pattar 2 0 Two tribal elders are murdered by Muslim militants and dumped under a bridge.
2010.01.21 Iraq Mussayab 1 5 Mujahideen murder a cop with a roadside bomb.
2010.01.21 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A 42-year-old defense volunteer is gunned down by Islamic radicals while riding a motorcycle.
2010.01.21 Pakistan Bajaur 3 22 A woman is among three people blown to bits by an Islamic bomb.
2010.01.20 Iraq Mosul 0 45 A suicide bomber injures over forty Iraqis, but manages to kill only himself.
2010.01.20 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A woman 8-months pregnant is stabbed to death with an axe and dagger by her family for marrying against their will.
2010.01.19 Pakistan Jandola 2 0 Islamic hardliners end the lives of two local soldiers with a bomb.
2010.01.19 Pakistan Mohmand 2 2 Religious extremists open fire on a peace committee, killing two members.
2010.01.19 Somalia Bosasso 1 0 Fundamentalists shoot a man to death inside his bookstore.
2010.01.19 Somalia Mogadishu 19 30 Women and children are among nineteen killed when Islamists launch multiple assaults on ‘apostates and Christian backers.’
2010.01.18 Iraq Mosul 1 0 Islamic terrorists gun down a Christian man inside a grocery.
2010.01.18 Pakistan Mohmand 1 2 The Taliban attack a village, killing a defense volunteer.
2010.01.18 Iraq Baghdad 5 0 Muslim gunmen storm a humanitarian office, killing four workers and a mother in front of her 3-year-old daughter.
2010.01.18 Afghanistan Kabul 5 71 Fedayeen stage a massive suicide attack against government buildings in the capital, leaving at least five dead.
2010.01.18 Algeria Kabylie 1 0 Armed fundamentalists cut down a cop at point blank range.
2010.01.17 Iraq Mosul 2 0 At least one of two men gunned down in a targeted shooting is a Christian father of two.
2010.01.17 Thailand Pattani 2 0 Two civilians are gunned down by Islamic radicals in separate attacks.
2010.01.17 Afghanistan Chishti Sharif 6 0 Sunni hardliners open fire on a vehicle, killing six local occupants.
2010.01.17 Nigeria Jos 48 96 Muslim youth go on a rampage, hacking about 48 Christians to death after an attack outside a church. The victims include two pastors.
2010.01.17 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A Buddhist woman is dismembered by a Muslim bomb thrown into a karaoke bar.
2010.01.17 Iraq Kharab 3 0 According to reports, three brothers are dragged out of their home and shot to death on their doorstep by Muslim terrorists.
2010.01.16 Philippines North Cotabato 3 3 Three civilians are machine-gunned to death in their village by Moro Islamists.
2010.01.16 Iraq Baghdad 5 3 Five Iraqis are murdered in various Mujahideen attacks.
2010.01.15 Afghanistan Spin Boldak 5 0 A mother and her four children are successfully taken out by a fundamentalist bomb attack on their car.
2010.01.15 India Sopore 2 7 Islamic militants assault a police station, killing a civilian and one officer.
2010.01.15 Somalia Lasanod 1 0 Suspected Islamists assassinate a senior police officer outside a mosque.
2010.01.15 Somalia Mogadishu 1 2 Three aid workers are kidnapped by suspected Hizbul Islam. One is found brutally murdered.
2010.01.14 Thailand Pattani 2 0 A Buddhist couple is shot to death by Muslims while riding to work. Their bodies are then burned.
2010.01.14 Ingushetia Nazran 1 3 Islamists shoot a cop to death outside a mosque.
2010.01.14 Afghanistan Uruzgan 20 13 Three children are among twenty civilians blown to bits at a market place by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2010.01.14 Afghanistan Helmand 1 4 A Shahid suicide bomber sends a local cop to paradise.
2010.01.14 Iraq Baqubah 2 10 Two people at a market are killed by a Mujahideen market blast.
2010.01.14 Pakistan Mohmand 2 7 Two members of a peace committee are murdered by Taliban roadside bombers while on their way home.
2010.01.14 Iraq Najaf 27 111 Twenty-seven people are massacred by three separate bomb blasts at a Shia market.
2010.01.14 India Uttar Pradesh 1 0 A 14-year-old member of the area’s oppressed Hindu community is raped and killed by two Muslim men.
2010.01.13 Pakistan Hangu 1 0 A man is kidnapped and beheaded by Muslim militants, who then booby-trap the body.
2010.01.13 Iraq Saqlawiya 7 6 A suicide bomber sends seven Iraqis to Allah.
2010.01.13 Afghanistan Ghazni 1 6 An Afghan police officer is murdered by Sunni roadside bombers.
2010.01.13 Yemen Shabwa 2 0 Two local soldiers are cut down in an al-Qaeda ambush.
2010.01.13 Thailand Pattani 1 4 Islamic terrorists ambush a group of electricians, killing one.
2010.01.13 Pakistan Tank 1 6 A child is killed from an explosive planted by religious radicals at a playground.
2010.01.13 Algeria Allaghane 2 0 Two security personnel are shot to death by Islamic extremists.
2010.01.12 France Paris 0 1 An actress-playwright is doused with petrol and nearly set on fire by three Algerians angred by her negative portrayal of Muslim men.
2010.01.12 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A 75-year-old Christian is gunned down in his grocery story by Religion of Peace militants.
2010.01.12 Iraq Diyala 3 5 Terrorists murder three people with a brutal bomb blast.
2010.01.11 India Jammu 1 0 Pakistani terrorists shoot an Indian border guard to death.
2010.01.11 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A 51-year-old Christian man is brutally gunned down while selling vegetables by the side of the road.
2010.01.11 Dagestan Kizlyar 2 0 A moderate cleric and a former policeman are murdered in separate attacks.
2010.01.11 Pakistan Peshawar 1 5 One person is crushed to death in a Taliban rocket attack.
2010.01.11 Afghanistan Uruzgan 1 2 A policeman is cut down by a suicide bomber.
2010.01.10 India Kulgam 2 1 Hizb-ul-Mujahideen gun down two former members who had renounced violence.
2010.01.10 Pakistan Mohmand 2 0 Suspected Islamists murder two tribal elders.
2010.01.10 Afghanistan Uruzgan 3 0 Three humanitarian workers die in a Taliban roadside attack.
2010.01.10 Thailand Narathiwat 2 0 Two men sitting in a tea shop are blown away by Muslim terrorists with automatic weapons.
2010.01.09 Afghanistan Helmand 2 6 A British journalist is among two killed in a roadside Mujahideen bombing.
2010.01.09 Iraq Mosul 1 0 Freedom fighters kill a 16-year-old boy with a bomb.
2010.01.08 Pakistan Karachi 5 7 Five mourners at a funeral are shot to death by sectarian Jihadis.
2010.01.08 Pakistan Bajaur 2 2 Two people are blown to bits by a Taliban roadside bomb.
2010.01.08 Pakistan Khyber 8 11 Three children are among eight civilians murdered by a Lashkar-e-Islam suicide bomber outside a mosque.
2010.01.08 Afghanistan Logar 2 0 Two Afghans are blown away at point blank range by a Fedayeen.
2010.01.08 Iraq Ras Al-Jadeh 2 0 Jihad bombers kill two local cops.
2010.01.07 Egypt Nag Hamadi 7 10 Six worshippers and one guard are gunned down by Muslim radicals as they leave mass at a Christian church. A 14-year-old is among the dead.
2010.01.07 Afghanistan Nangarhar 9 44 Four children are among nine Afghans murdered by Islamic bombers in two attacks.
2010.01.07 Iraq Hit 7 6 Women and children are among the dead when Mujahideen detonate planted bombs around the bedrooms of four homes.
2010.01.07 Iraq Khanaqin 3 15 Three Iraqis are cut down by a Jihadi bomb.
2010.01.07 Thailand Yala 1 0 A man is ripped in two by a Religion of Peace nail bomb.
2010.01.07 Afghanistan Uruzgan 8 0 All eight Afghan soldiers riding in a vehicle are killed by a Taliban roadside bomb.
2010.01.06 Pakistan Sudhanoti 3 11 Three local soldiers are incinerated by a suicide bomber.
2010.01.06 Iraq Mosul 2 1 Two children are killed by a bomb in their home, suspected to have been stored there by their father.
2010.01.06 India Srinagar 3 11 Jamiat-ul-Mujahideen militants toss grenades and fire into a crowd at a shopping center, killing at least three people.
2010.01.06 Dagestan Makhachkala 6 12 A suicide bomber murders six Russian police officers.
2010.01.06 Egypt Rafah 1 0 Hamas snipers take down an Egyptian soldier.
2010.01.06 Somalia Bosasso 1 0 A lawmaker is assassinated by suspected fundamentalists.
2010.01.05 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A 70-year-old leader of a religious minority is murdered while sitting in his store by Jihadi gunmen.
2010.01.05 Pakistan Mohmand 2 2 Two civilians are taken down by Taliban rockets.
2010.01.04 Iraq Kirkuk 3 7 Three Iraqis are murdered in a Mujahideen double bombing.
2010.01.04 Iraq Mosul 3 1 Sunni bombers blast three civilians into pieces.
2010.01.03 Pakistan Hangu 4 2 A Taliban roadside bomb ends the lives of four people.
2010.01.03 Iraq Tal Abta 3 0 Three road construction workers are gunned down by Muslim terrorists.
2010.01.03 Pakistan Waziristan 2 5 A bombing and separate rocket attack leave two people dead.
2010.01.03 Pakistan Bajaur 2 4 Two tribal elders are blown to bits by a Taliban roadside bomb.
2010.01.02 Pakistan Orakzai 3 0 Three civilian village guards are ambushed and killed by Islamic militants.
2010.01.02 Iraq Baghdad 1 21 Jihadi bombers take out a civilian and injure two dozen others.
2010.01.02 Afghanistan Nimroz 5 6 Five civilians are killed when Sunni terrorists bomb their pickup truck.
2010.01.02 Somalia Dhusamareb 47 150 al-Shabaab Islamists assault a small town. At least four dozen people are killed in the fighting.
2010.01.02 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Two local cops are gunned down by Sunni terrorists.
2010.01.02 Afghanistan Kandahar 4 0 Four American soldiers guarding a road are murdered by a Taliban roadside bomb.
2010.01.01 Pakistan Shah Hason Khel 105 100 Children are amply represented among over one hundred spectators massacred at a volleyball tournament by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2010.01.01 Somalia Hodan 1 0 Islamists murder a 41-year-old Christian convert and church leader.
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La Lista del MAL.(uno)

por as1944

 A S 1 94 4 4 intentará ir publicando sucesivamente los datos,terribles,de los hechos y «hazañas» de los seguidores de la Religión del Amor.



» The List » of Islamic Terror Attacks from 2009

Date Country City Killed Injured Description
2009.12.31 Thailand Yala 2 0 Two civilians riding a motorbike are shot to death by Islamic militants.
2009.12.31 Afghanistan Uruzgan 6 0 Six civilians are beheaded by Islamic hardliners.
2009.12.31 Pakistan Kalat 2 2 Two oil truck drivers are shot to death by Muslim radicals.
2009.12.30 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Muslim gunmen take out a civilian as he is driving home.
2009.12.30 Thailand Narathiwat 3 0 A Buddhist civilian is among three people killed in an Islamist drive-by shooting.
2009.12.30 Afghanistan Khost 8 6 Eight American civilians are murdered by a Shahid suicide bomber at a gymnasium.
2009.12.30 Thailand Pattani 2 0 Two volunteers guarding teachers are taken down in a Mujahideen bombing.
2009.12.30 Afghanistan Kandahar 5 0 A female reporter is among five Canadians killed by a Taliban roadside bomb.
2009.12.30 Iraq Khalis 7 25 Dedicated Sunnis bomb a Shia religious festival, leaving seven dead.
2009.12.30 Iraq Ramadi 27 105 Twin suicide blasts take down over twenty-five Iraqis and leave over one hundred others with injuries, including lost limbs.
2009.12.30 India Baramulla 4 0 Hizb-ul-Mujahideen gunmen open up on four Indian cops at point-blank range, leaving all four dead.
2009.12.30 Pakistan Bajaur 1 0 A tribal elder is brutally murdered by the Taliban and dropped by the roadside.
2009.12.29 Iraq Tal Massoud 5 0 Four people are shot to death and one beheaded by suspected al-Qaeda elements.
2009.12.29 Iraq Baghdad 4 18 Two woman are among four Iraqis murdered in two Jihad attacks.
2009.12.29 Pakistan Lahore 2 0 A man slits his daughter’s throat, and stabs her lover to death, over a suspected illicit affair.
2009.12.29 Afghanistan Heart 1 2 A terrorist in an Afghan army uniform opens fire on three unsuspecting NATO soldiers, killing one.
2009.12.29 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A 49-year-old man is shot to death by militant Muslims at a tea shop.
2009.12.29 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A 45-year-old man is gunned down in his pickup truck by Islamic radicals.
2009.12.28 Nigeria Bauchi 3 12 At least three security forces are killed during attacks by a local Islamist sect.
2009.12.28 Somalia Gedo 1 0 Islamic militia are suspected of murdered a humanitarian worker in his home.
2009.12.28 Pakistan Chamarkand 2 5 Two local soldiers are killed in a Taliban rocket attack on their checkpoint.
2009.12.28 Pakistan Karachi 45 82 More than forty people in a religious procession are sent straight to Allah by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2009.12.28 Pakistan Orakzai 9 6 Taliban hardliners assault a village, killing nine defense volunteers.
2009.12.28 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Jihadi gunmen take down two cement workers.
2009.12.28 Afghanistan Badghis 2 3 Two local cops are murdered in a Taliban ambush.
2009.12.27 Iran Tehran 9 60 Basij militia and Islamic state police fire into a crowd of protesters, killing at least nine.
2009.12.27 Thailand Yala 2 1 Islamists shoot two men to death as they are riding a motorcycle.
2009.12.27 Pakistan Sadda 6 0 Islamic fundamentalists blow up a family home, killing six occupants, including five young children.
2009.12.27 Pakistan Muzaffarabad 15 100 A Shahid suicide bomber blows himself up at a rival mosque, taking at least fifteen innocents with him.
2009.12.27 Iraq Touz Khormato 5 25 Five Shia pilgrims are blown to bits by Sunni terrorists.
2009.12.26 Iraq Baghdad 6 22 Two bombs, one near a tent distributing food to Shia pilgrims, leave six Iraqis dead.
2009.12.26 Pakistan Karachi 0 26 Shiite radicals are suspected of detonating a roadside bomb that injures some twenty-six people at a funeral.
2009.12.26 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A man is murdered in front of his home by Muslim separatists.
2009.12.25 Iraq Mosul 3 0 Three unarmed census workers are shot to death in cold blood by Sunni insurgents.
2009.12.25 Pakistan Kalar Kahar 0 60 About sixty Christians are injured when a Muslim mob attacks them during Christmas prayers.
2009.12.25 Pakistan Peshawar 2 0 Islamists gun down two local cops.
2009.12.25 Algeria Tizi Ouzou 1 2 A local soldier is murdered by fundamentalist bombers.
2009.12.25 Iraq Baghdad 10 51 Ten Shiite pilgrims are murdered in three separate bombing attacks by sectarian rivals.
2009.12.24 Afghanistan Paktika 2 0 Two civilians are murdered by Jihadi roadside bombers.
2009.12.24 Iraq Baghdad 12 53 Jihadis murder a dozen mourners when they bomb two separate funerals.
2009.12.24 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A Christian is gunned down in front of his home by Islamists.
2009.12.24 Somalia Mogadishu 6 25 Six civilians are killed during an attack by Hizb al-Islam fundamentalists.
2009.12.24 Pakistan Rawalpindi 1 2 A 6-year-old girl is dismembered by a suicide bomber.
2009.12.24 Iraq Kirkuk 4 0 Four Iraqis are gunned down by suspected al-Qaeda militants.
2009.12.24 Iraq Hilla 25 105 A crowded bus station is the target of Sunni bombers, who leave twenty-five Iraqis dead and nearly one hundred more in agony.
2009.12.24 Afghanistan Kandahar 8 3 A Shahid suicide bomber on a horse car murders eight innocent people.
2009.12.24 Israel Einav 1 0 An Israeli father of seven is shot to death in his car by Palestinian terrorists.
2009.12.24 Pakistan Peshawar 4 24 A suicide bomber detonates near a Christian school, killing four others.
2009.12.23 Afghanistan Spin Boldak 2 3 Talibanis take down two civilians with a roadside bomb.
2009.12.23 Iraq Mosul 2 0 A bomb placed near an ancient Christian church kills two people.
2009.12.23 Afghanistan Helmand 3 5 Three innocents are cut down by a Taliban bomb planted on a bicycle.
2009.12.23 Iraq Baghdad 5 46 Sunni bombers murder five Shia pilgrims in three separate attacks.
2009.12.23 Afghanistan Helmand 3 4 Three civilians are killed when fundamentalists detonate a bomb at a bazaar.
2009.12.22 Pakistan Peshawar 3 16 A woman is among three people at a press club blown to bits by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2009.12.22 Iraq Iskandariya 1 4 A civilian dies from shrapnel injures after Jihadis detonate a bomb on a minibus.
2009.12.22 Thailand Pattani 1 1 Islamic gunmen fire into a family home, killing a 3-year-old girl and seriously injuring her sister.
2009.12.22 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A 37-year-old father is shot full of holes by Muslim militants after dropping his children off at school.
2009.12.22 India Pampore 2 1 Hizbul Mujahideen militants shoot two local cops to death.
2009.12.21 Iraq Tal Afar 4 5 A Fedayeen suicide bomber takes out four Iraqis.
2009.12.21 Yemen Abyan 2 9 al-Qaeda militants booby-trap an area with explosives, killing two civilians.
2009.12.21 Somalia Mogadishu 5 0 Five Somalis near a minibus are murdered by al-Shabaab bombers.
2009.12.20 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Mujahideen gun down two local cops.
2009.12.20 Somalia Mogadishu 1 3 One Somali is killed in a mortar attack by Islamic militia.
2009.12.19 Pakistan Poonch 1 2 An Indian border guard is shot by a Muslim sniper from Pakistan.
2009.12.19 Iraq Mosul 3 1 Jihadi gunmen take down three Iraqis in separate attacks.
2009.12.19 Thailand Narathiwat 3 2 Three Buddhists are incinerated when Muslim insurgents blow up a gas tank next to their truck.
2009.12.18 Somalia Mogadishu 2 4 Two civilians are killed when a mortar fired by suspected Islamic militia strikes a house.
2009.12.18 Pakistan Lower Dir 15 28 Children are among fifteen people blown to bits a mosque by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2009.12.18 Pakistan Haripur 3 0 A man and his wife are among three killed in their home by suspected Islamic hardliners.
2009.12.18 India Pulwama 2 0 Two people are dragged from their homes and murdered by Mujahideen. One has his throat slit.
2009.12.18 Iraq Sulaimaniyah 1 0 A civilian is gunned down on his doorstep by Muslim terrorists.
2009.12.17 Thailand Yala 2 0 A 2-year-old girl is gunned down along with her father by Holy Warriors.
2009.12.17 Iraq Baghdad 1 10 A pedestrian is killed by a roadside bomb.
2009.12.17 Ingushetia Nazran 2 24 Children are among the casualties of a suicide bombing. A separate shooting leaves two dead.
2009.12.17 Afghanistan Kandahar 7 3 Five women are among seven people murdered by Taliban roadside bombers.
2009.12.17 Pakistan Bara Tehsil 3 5 Three security force personnel are murdered in Taliban ambushes.
2009.12.17 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A 30-year-old Christian man is shot to death in cold blood by Mujahideen.
2009.12.16 Thailand Yala 3 0 Three men are shot to death in separate shooting attacks by Islamic insurgents.
2009.12.16 Afghanistan Herat 4 0 Four local cops are slaughtered by a Taliban roadside blast.
2009.12.16 Iraq Baghdad 2 5 Sunni bombers take down two Iraqis riding on a bus.
2009.12.16 Pakistan Khyber 4 27 Fundamentalists throw grenades into a music concert, killing at least four people.
2009.12.15 Iraq Mosul 2 0 A woman is among two people incinerated by a thermal bomb.
2009.12.15 Afghanistan Gardez 5 0 Five people are blown to bits by Jihadi bombers.
2009.12.15 Afghanistan Kabul 7 44 A suicide car bomber takes out seven people standing outside a hotel.
2009.12.15 Pakistan Dera Ghazi Khan 33 60 Thirty-three shoppers at an outdoor market are blown apart by a Fedayeen suicide car bomber.
2009.12.15 Afghanistan Helmand 2 0 Two British soldiers are killed by a suicide bomber as they are walking down a street.
2009.12.15 Iraq Mosul 4 40 Four Christians are killed when Islamic bombers target a church and Christian school.
2009.12.15 India Shopian 1 0 A 21-year-old woman is gunned down in front of her family by Islamic militants.
2009.12.15 Iraq Nineveh 3 0 Muslim radicals throw grenades into a police patrol, brutally killing three Iraqis.
2009.12.15 Somalia Bossasso 3 8 Suspected Islamists blow up a pick-up full of local soldiers, killing three.
2009.12.14 Iraq al-Manari 4 0 A man and his family are murdered in their home by suspected al-Qaeda.
2009.12.14 Afghanistan Lashkar Gah 16 0 Sixteen police officers are killed in two terror attacks by Sunni fundamentalists.
2009.12.14 Iraq Baghdad 13 33 Jihadi bombers take down thirteen Iraqis with successive blasts.
2009.12.14 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Muslims gun down a 38-year-old Buddhist.
2009.12.14 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A 37-year-old woman is slashed to death by Muslim radicals.
2009.12.14 Iraq Balad Ruz 22 29 A female suicide bomber ends the lives of nearly two-dozen innocent people in a residential area.
2009.12.14 Thailand Pattani 2 0 Two men are shot to death by Islamic militants, one in his home, the other at a barber shop.
2009.12.13 Thailand Pattani 2 0 Two civilians are shot to death by Islamic militants in separate attacks.
2009.12.13 Somalia Afgoye 1 0 A 48-year-old man is pelted to death with stones by Hezb al-Islam for adultery.
2009.12.13 Iraq Fallujah 2 15 Islamic bombers manage to kill two Iraqis with a roadside blast.
2009.12.13 Iraq Mosul 2 21 A Fedayeen suicide bomber murders two young police recruits.
2009.12.12 Iraq Kirkuk 3 4 An IED attack leaves three Iraqis dead.
2009.12.12 Iraq Khalis 1 2 A farmer is shot to death by Islamic militants.
2009.12.11 Iraq Baghdad 1 3 Jihadis plant a bomb under a family car, killing the father and injuring three relatives.
2009.12.11 Afghanistan Paktika 5 15 Five people are blown to bits by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2009.12.11 Iraq Yusufiyah 6 21 A car bomb near a shop takes out six Iraqis.
2009.12.10 Thailand Narathiwat 3 8 Three Buddhist women are torn to shreds by a remote-controlled bomb planted on a motorcycle outside a restaurant.
2009.12.09 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Two Christian brothers are kidnapped and shot to death by Muslim terrorists.
2009.12.09 Iraq Baghdad 4 11 Two street sweepers are among four Iraqis murdered by Islamic bombers in attacks on a library and minibus.
2009.12.09 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A civilian is shot to death in his car by Muslim militants.
2009.12.09 Thailand Yala 1 17 A series of bombs rocks several neighborhoods. A bomb disposal technician is killed.
2009.12.08 Pal. Auth. Jerash 1 0 A man stabs his 30-year-old sister to death over suspected immoral behavior.
2009.12.08 Iraq Baghdad 127 448 Five car bombs, one outside a fine arts center, leave at least one-hundred and twenty Iraqis dead and nearly five hundred more in agony.
2009.12.08 Pakistan Multan 12 20 A dozen Pakistanis are blown to bits by Taliban bombers.
2009.12.07 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A Shia leader is shot to death by Sunni rivals.
2009.12.07 Pakistan Peshawar 11 45 Eleven people at a courthouse are blown to bits by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2009.12.07 Thailand Pattani 1 4 A pro-government cleric is gunned down by Islamic separatists.
2009.12.07 Thailand Narathiwat 2 11 A Buddhist man and woman are murdered by Muslim bombers at a busy market.
2009.12.07 Iraq Baghdad 8 40 Seven children are among eight dead when Sunni radicals bomb a Shia school.
2009.12.07 Pakistan Lahore 50 150 At least fifty people are incinerated by twin bombings at a crowded marketplace.
2009.12.07 Iraq Tarmiyah 1 4 A woman is blown murdered in her home by Mujahid bombers.
2009.12.07 India Baramulla 1 0 Muslim terrorists gun down a political worker outside his home.
2009.12.07 Iraq Tarmiyah 8 0 Six Iraqis are gunned down by al-Qaeda. Two more bodies are discovered in Kirkuk.
2009.12.06 Iraq Abu Ghraib 4 0 Four local police manning a checkpoint are machine-gunned to death at point-blank range.
2009.12.06 Somalia Bosaso 1 0 A cleric is assassinated by suspected Islamic militia.
2009.12.06 Pakistan Bajaur 2 2 The Taliban murder two tribesmen outside a mosque.
2009.12.05 Philippines Jolo 1 12 One person is killed when suspected Abu Sayyaf militants set off a bomb.
2009.12.05 Iraq Mosul 5 1 Mujahideen shoot five people to death including a mother and an elderly civilian.
2009.12.04 Pakistan Rawalpindi 40 86 Seventeen children at a mosque are among nearly forty people cut down in a barbaric shooting and bombing attack by Sunni hardliners.
2009.12.04 India Srinagar 0 0 Al-Nasireen gunmen assassinate a political leader outside his home.
2009.12.04 Pakistan Mohmand Agency 6 13 Mujahideen bombers take out six members of a wedding party traveling in a mini-bus.
2009.12.04 Iraq Tuz Khormato 1 0 An ethnic minority member is gunned down in his home by Islamic terrorists.
2009.12.04 Dagestan Khasavyurt 2 7 A civilian having lunch at a cafe is among two people murdered by Muslim terrorists in separate attacks.
2009.12.04 Jordan Amman 1 0 A 34-year-old woman, nine months pregnant, is stabbed to death by her brother over alleged adultery.
2009.12.04 USA Binghamton, NY 1 0 A non-Muslim Islamic studies professor is stabbed to death by a Muslim grad student in revenge for ‘persecuted’ Muslims.
2009.12.03 Pakistan Karol 1 0 A Christian man is shot to death by Muslims after refusing to ‘embrace’ Islam.
2009.12.03 Thailand Pattani 3 0 A 17-year-old boy is among three members of a family brutally gunned down in their home by Islamic separatists.
2009.12.03 Ingushetia Malgobek 1 0 A government official is assassinated by Islamic militants.
2009.12.03 Iraq Baghdad 1 6 Mujahideen blow up a civilian at a market.
2009.12.03 Somalia Mogadishu 22 46 Doctors and students are among twenty-two people blown to bits at a medical school graduation by a Shahid.
2009.12.03 Iraq Tikrit 11 15 A Fedayeen suicide bomber blows himself up at a packed market, taking eleven innocents with him.
2009.12.02 Pakistan Islamabad 2 11 A young man straps explosives to his body and detonates at the entrance of a naval complex, killing two security guards.
2009.12.02 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 A civilian is gunned down in a sectarian attack at a cafe.
2009.12.01 Pakistan Orakzai 3 0 Three tribal leaders are assassinated by Sunni terrorists.
2009.12.01 Pakistan Swat 1 13 A teen suicide bomber murders a lawmaker inside his home.
2009.12.01 Pakistan Swat 1 0 Islamic fundamentalists murder the head of a local peace committee.
2009.12.01 Somalia Bosasso 2 25 Suspected hardliners toss a grenade into a movie theater, leaving two patrons dead from shrapnel injury.
junio 27, 2010


por as1944

Hundreds take part in NY Shalit flotilla

Two ships carrying some 1,200 passengers set sail to Statue of Liberty, UN headquarters on ‘True Freedom Flotilla’ for captive soldier’s release

Yitzhak Benhorin

Published:  06.24.10, 21:05 / Israel News


WASHINGTON – Israelis are preparing for a march for Gilad Shalit, starting next week, but New Yorkers have already set sail in a call for his release. The «True Freedom Flotilla» for the captive soldier set sail on Thursday from Pier 40 on the Hudson River, en route to the Statue of Liberty and then to the United Nations building. The sail includes two vessels, each carrying 600 people.
The passengers include Israeli Ambassador to the UN Gabriela Shalev, New York Consul-General Asaf Shariv, France’s deputy consul and a representative of the International Red Cross, who is slated to receive from Shalev a package meant for Gilad Shalit, containing undergarments, a pair of glasses and food.

French Support
Paris rally: Free Gilad Shalit / Gilad Halpern
About 10,000 people attend protest marking fourth anniversary of Gilad Shalit’s abduction
Full Story

The event was organized by the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, an umbrella group of 51 organizations throughout the United States.
The conference’s Executive Vice Chairman Malcolm Hoenlein noted that the Red Cross was prevented from seeing Gilad Shalit just last week, while Israel allows some 15,000 to 18,000 tons of humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip each week.

‘True Freedom Flotilla’ for Gilad Shalit on Thursday (Photo: Ilan Klein)
Lo anterior es la salida de los Violentos judios  en flotilla pro liberación de Gilad.
Las flotillas pacíficas no son como la de esos malvados hebreos.SON ASÍ :


junio 27, 2010

El Presidente de USA defiende los intereses de USA

por as1944
El presente estudio está tomado del trabajo que publica el Centro Representivo de las Instituciones judias de Francia.
(Disculpen la baja calidad de mi traducción)
André Kaspi,es un historiador francés especializado en Historia de los USA.Preside el CNRS y la sociedad Jules Isaac, profesor de la Université Paris 1 Pantheón-Sorbonne ,y director del Centre de Recherches d’Histoire Nord-Américaine (CRHNA). Alcalde adjunto de Saint-Maur-des-Fossés encargado de cultura.Es autor de multitud de libros,por ej. « Les Juifs Américains », « Comprendre les États-Unis d’aujourd’hui », « Des espions ordinaires » et  « Histoire des relations internationales ».
Miembro de la Comisión de Estudios Políticos del CRIF ha dado,reciéntemente,una conferencia en tal lugar sobre la situación actual:
La política extranjera de USA:
(Resumen) para Kaspi los presidentes USA Reagan,y los Bush  eran partidrios de Leo Strauss y el unilateralismo.
La elección de Barak Obama trajo ,6 de Nov. de 2008,un soplo de esperanza entre los judios y los no judios.Rápidamente practicó una política de mano abierta  hacia los paises árabes,China y Rusia.
Todo se explica por un deseo de preservar los Intereses de USA en el Medio Oriente.
Luego ,la preocupación del Presidente de los EEUU concerniente a lo nuclear iraní se volvería prioritaria. Tras ser sensibilizado por Israel,Barak  Obama, busca un consenso sobre el problema nuclear iraní.
Es de destacar una movilización de la CIA para prevenir cualquier ataque iraní. 
Intervención de Kaspi:
Históricamente  hay que partir de la campaña electoral de Obama y recordar que los demócratas tenían un candidato llamado Hillary Clinton.
Por lo general.sea quien sea el candidato,los Judios de USA votan demócrata sea en tiempos de Reagan,Clinton,o de Busch.
El año 2004 votaron un 80% por los demócratas.
Los judios han sufrido un desencanto con Obama,  que tenga lazos con musulmanes y con el Islám. En realidad Obama  pertenece al cristianismo evangélico y ha roto con su pastor de Chicago que tenía posiciones ultras.
Cuando Obama era candidato estuvo en Jerusalem y habló favorablemente a los israelitas,sobre todo a propósito de Jerusalem.
Recordemos,Obama se ha rodeado de muchos consejeros cercanos al estado de Israel,como hizo Clinton.Señalemos particularmente  a Rahm Emmanuel que es actualmente jefe de estado mayor de la Casa Blanca.Tiene padres israelitas y llevó a su hijo a Jerusalem para hacer la Bar Mitsvá.
En realidad, si los judios de USA votan Demócrata es porque ellos tienen simpatia política a la izquierda.La cota última de Obama ha descendido,últimamente a un 48%.
Sobre Obama se deben de decir dos constantes.
En principio,sobre el plan de política interior  ha tenido éxito,especiálmente con la reforma del sistema sanitario.También ha triunfado relanzandoa la Banca y la Industria caidas. Pero,el que el desempleo alcance el10% es de preocupar.
En revancha, sobre el plan de política exterior ,los resultados no son alentadores y la presidencia de Obama ha frcasado. Durante la campaña el discurso de Obama se centraba en el hecho de que Busch se habia equivocado de guerra.No  habría sido necesaria en Irak , ni en Afghanistán.
Al llegar a la presidencia Barak Obama transfirió una parte de las tropas de Irak hacia Aghanistan:Lo hizo no como una estrategia contra el Terrorismo sino contra la insurrección.
En Afghanistán la principal producción es el opio y los mayores traficantes son los talibanes.Los americanos no tienen interés en destruir los campos de adormideras  para no poner en su contra a los campesinos afganos.
El mes de febrero del 2010,los americanos lanzan una ofensiva contra la ciudad de Marchia.Una vez ocupada  deben,los americanos, poner una autoridad política
Al dia de hoy ya han vuelto los talibanes.
En tiempos de Busch los americanos usaban los drones. Los drones causaron víctimas colaterales,eso trajo mucha hostilidad  hacia los EEUU.El Afghanistan no se corresponde con aquello que esperaba y deseaba Barak Obama.
Hoy se cree que el peligro terrorista no se limita a Afghanistán sino que se ha extendido a toda la región.El problema principal  ahora es el nuclear iraní.
Barak Obama puso en marcha una política de mano abierta desde enero del 2009.Una mano abierta ,desde el dicurso del Cairo,a Israel y otra a los musulmanes .El general Paetrus ha puesto en marcha una estrategia contra Irán.Los USA presionan a a China y Rusia para votar sanciones contra Irán.Los EEUU se preparan para una posible intervención contra Irán.Los EEUU tomaron mal el acuerdo pasado Irán ,Brasil y Turquia  sobre lo nuclear persa.
Relaciones USA-Israel
 Hay un nuevo Lobby judio en lo UE que se llama J.Street,se creó en noviembre del 2009.Es un lobby inclinado a la izquierda,favorable a la restitución de Judea -Samaria ,y a la coexistencia de dos estados en Israel.
Este lobby ,J.Street,está más en consonancia con las ideas de los americanos ,mucho más,que con las del AIPAC. La mayoria de los judios americanos se interesan poquísimo en las cuestiones internacionales,en las relaciones Washington y Jerusalem, y en el Irán.
Los judios americanos votan mucho y financian parte grande de las campañas electorales.Por otro lado ,la defensa de ls implantaciones en los territorios es contraria a las concepciones que tienen-los judios de uSA- sobre el Estado de israel.
Barak Obama ha estado en Turquia,en Egipto,no ha estado en Israel después de ser elegido presidente de USA.  
El presidente USA defiende los intereses de USA.
Quiere cambiar la imagen de EEUU en los estados musulmanes.
 Ante la AIPAC  dijo Hillary Clinton:»Cuando era la esposa del presidente todos los dias se hablaba de ls relaciones con Israel».Ahora este tema ,desde que soy secretria de Estado, viene en cuarto lugar .
El presidente ,significa tal cosa, considera que una alianza con Israel daña los intereses de US.
 Para Washigton la creación de un Estado palestino favorecería la solución de los problemas conexos como el referente a Irán.
La división de Jerusalem es una cuestión esencial para los EEUU al mismo nivel que las implantaciones.
¿Mejorará la situación entre USA e Israel?Los americanos tienen necesidad de Israel.
Para (André Kaspi )la necesidad de Israel de los EEUU es mucho mayor.
Causa del deterioro es que los USA están gobernados por la izquierda,e Israel no.
Israel viene el primero en la ayuda acordada por los EEUU a los paises extranjeros.Es un ayuda votada por el Congreso y ha sido aumentada últimamente.
¿Y Turquia? Los turcos cuidan mucho no chocar con los americanos…los partidos políticos turcos actualmente son favorables,en gran parte, a los EEUU. Por otro lado Turquia se distancia de Israel.