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Como dije en la entrada relativa al hospital judio de Tanger la presencia judia en Marruecos vive su canto del cisne tras formar y enriquecer durante sigloslas tierras marroquies.

La hostilidad, el desprecio, el odio y la violencia ejercida sobre estas personas durante las ultimas decadas obligo a la gran mayoria a coger sus maletas y buscar otras tierras.

Nada ha cambiado.

Desde el 17 al 20 de marzo se celebro un seminario sobre la historia de Marruecos en la que participaron algunos judios marroquies. Ante la presencia de estas personas de origen judio la “Asociación Marroquí para los Derechos Humanos” (curioso nombre) realizo manifestaciones en contra profiriendo consignas antisemitas y terminando con  insultos y gritos racistas y ejerciendo la violencia en la persona de Noam Nir, un  judío marroquíes que viven en Essaouira.

Noam Nir escribió una carta de protesta a Khadija Riyadi, presidenta de la Asociación Marroquí de Derechos Humanos, enviando copia de la misma a diferentes autoridades pidiendo aclaración sobre los hechos. Despues de esperar  tres meses sin recibir respuesta alguna de la “Asociación Marroquí de Derechos Humanos” (curioso nombre), Noam Nir decidió presentar una denuncia ante los tribunales a finales de julio de 2010 contra tres activistas de la asociación

Abdel-Hamid Amin, un cabroncete nacionalista árabe y de nacionalidad marroquí, vicepresidente de la “Asociación Marroquí para los Derechos Humanos” (curioso nombre)  envió a los miembros de la oficina central a través del correo electrónico durante la primera semana de Agosto, declarando la guerra contra Noam Nir, amenazándolo de graves consecuencias para su persona y sus bienes ; y convocar a unos 12000 activistas de la misma asociación para organizar una manifestación frente a la puerta del restaurante de Noam Nir, acusándole de ….¡Oh!, ¡Sorpresa! ….¡Ser un espía sionista israelí! ¡Cuanta originalidad!

Para terminar, La La Oficina Central de la “Asociación Marroquí de Derechos Humanos” (curioso nombre) en vez de rectificar, ofrecer disculpas y condenar cualquier tipo de violencia y racismo, que es lo que cabria esperar de una Asociacion con ese nombre,  publicó un comunicado sobre el asunto de Noam Nir confirmando y sumándose a los insultos de antisemitismo y advertencias mencionadas, además de exigir a las autoridades del gobierno que intervengan para eliminar y archivar la denuncia presentada por Noam Anir .

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Carta (traducida al ingles) remitida por Noam Nir
To: miss
From: Noam (Shimon) NIR - Essaouira
Khadija RYADI - President of Moroccan Association of Human Rights
Subject: Misleading messages during the demonstration
on the 30-3-2010 in Essaouira

Madam the president,
Following public activity on last Monday at 18:30 at the

very pleased to learn for the first time about the existence of the local branch of the
Following the PESSAH holiday, I was unable to send this letter earlier.

Though I cherish very much human rights and freedom of speech, during the manifestation
while defending someone’s rights’, others’ were violated in a potentially dangerous way.
On the 30
caught with the beginning of the demonstration took place. As we aren’t use to
demonstrations organized by the local branch of ”The Moroccan Association for Human
Rights” I was excited to experience closely the progress of the Moroccan society.
Soon enough, my cheerful feelings about this unique event were replaced with hurt feelings
and deception that led to fears.
As a journalist and bloger I wanted to document the demonstration that was in public place
and open to all. When I started to use my pocket camera, I was physically aggressed by one
the central actors whom physically blocked me from taking photos for journalism purpose. He
landed his hands on my camera while standing just as much as little away from my face.
Body-language experts would have explained that position as aggression towards me. Trying
to prevent me taking some photos, I was asked if I was a policeman, because if I were, than it
would have been ok. Needles to say that such explanation seem to me odd. After a while, and
after I insisted to practice my right to take photos, he returned to his post and this time
directed the megaphone towards me and started to call “
to say: “
Some time later, the leading announcer has started to call repeatedly “
earlier personal experience with the camera, now it seemed to me like if things are getting
I kept standing 3 m’ in front of the protestors surrounded by locals and tourists. Knowing the
police was near by, I felt that I was safe.
Because of different reasons that I can’t mention in this letter (too long), Most of the people
do not distinguish between
heard this statement calling the so-called “
can easily be wrongly interpreted as clear legitimate
It was also ungrateful towards
born in Essaouira. People should remember and others should know that his significantly
contribution to Essaouira’s economy, effects directly and indirectly almost every house in
Essaouira. As a Jew in Essaouira I felt very hurt especially because of my attachment to my
grandfather’s origin.
While most of the participants in that demonstration are originally from the peripheries,
The call to
be denounce using the strongest words.
This repeatedly declaration is a new way of planting seeds of hatred towards Jews generally
speaking and many of Jews whom have nothing with
In times when Moroccan-Jews play an important role in the local arena and the international’s
for promoting Morocco’s national interests, it is essential to cherish and show the
collaboration between the two communities. Morocco needs us all. Understanding the right
context of political terms and the right way to associate public figures to controversial events
should be done wisely and respectfully. I can’t say that this demonstration was a result of prelearning
the facts.
I encourage relevant criticism regarding anything as long as those who wish criticize, shell do
it based on facts and deeply studding the case. Only than, any critic is being justly said and
therefore right interpreted by the people in the street. In any case, calling anyone to leave the
city should be considered as crossing red line.
The demonstration condemned the seminar took place in Essaouira (16-19 March 2010) as it
seemed as an attempt to normalize Morocco’s relationship with Israel. I must say that this
absolutely not true and far from the reality. As I participated as an observer, I can confidently
say that the seminar was 100% academic. It enabled a rare look to Morocco’s rich and plural
history. Any attempt to object such culturally valuable seminar can be considered as a denial
to our own long coexistence history.
In fact, the whole seminar was academic. If there were any political speech or comments, they
were in favor of the Palestinian cause. Over 3 decades
world for the Palestinian cause. It was
with PLO many years before they did.
sake of the Palestinian cause. Also during diner he expressed his clear position to the
participants in the seminar, this position serves well the Palestinian cause.
To associate
historically wrong. By calling him to leave the city it is no longer about human rights, and
don’t-exist normalization with Israel, it is about new form of anti-Semitism.
One shouldn’t forget that Essaouira is a Moroccan Symbol for unity, brotherhood and ideal
coexistence that other cities share as well. We should all unite to fight any form of anti-
It is notable that all of
kingdom’s agenda and therefore, any call against him is a call against the kingdom.
Coming to end I would like to express my support for freedom of speech and human rights,
but I denounce the way I was treated and the anti-Semitic calls against
Copies of this letter were sent to the followings :
in the city of of March 2010, I was in 
MOULAY HASSAN square and my attention wasZIONISM GET OUT!!!” like wantJEW GET OUT!!!”. It was a frightening feeling to recall the mid. 30’s in Germany.AR AR KHWI EL” (“Advisor, get out!!!”). If I had any doubt following theZIONISM and JUDAISM. Therefore I was very upset when IZIONIST MUSTASHR” to leave the city, since itanti-Semitism.H.M the king’s adviser H.E. André AZOULAY who wasH.E.’s descends are buried in the cemetery of Mogador.H.E. André AZOULAY to leave the city is intolerant, inappropriate and shouldZIONISM in particular.H.E. André AZOULAY traveled theH.E. André AZOULAY who urged Israelis to talkH.E. André AZOULAY initiated many actions for theH.E. André AZOULAY with ZIONISM is completely politically false andH.E. André AZOULAY’s activities in Morocco are based on theH.E. André, I think not only him and I, but all the Jewish community deserve much better.Serge BERDUGO - Le secrétaire général du "Conseil de la communauté israélite du Maroc"M

Driss El YAZAMI - Président du CCME (Conseil de la Communauté Marocaine à l'Etranger)Dr

Yehuda LANKRI - DG Conseil du “La Fédération Mondiale Du Judaïsme Marocain”M

Jacky KADOCH - Président du Communauté Israélite Marrakech-EssaouiraDr
humaines et sociales, Rabat

Frédéric ABECASSIS - Comité scientifique, Centre Jacques Berque pour les Etudes en SciencesThank you for dedicating the time to read my letter, I look forward to learn about your actions
regarding it.

Mr. Noam (Shimon) NIR
Member of the Jewish community in Essaouira



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