Computer Services Directorate and the Center for Computing and Information Systems

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Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi met Haredi soldiers while visiting the Computer Services Directorate and the Center for Computing and Information Systems

On Tuesday (Sept. 14) the Chief of the General Staff, Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi visited ultra Orthodox soldiers who have just completed a computer programming course, at the IDF School of Computer Professionalism. The Chief of the General Staff was hosted by the IDF Computer Services Directorate and by the Center of Computing and Information Systems, and learned about activities of the Directorate in the fields of computers and advanced technology. Lt. Gen. Ashkenazi was accompanied by the Head of the Computer Services Directorate, Maj. Gen. Ami Shifrin and the Commander of Telecommunications and Technology Information, Brig. Gen. Ayala Hakim.

“As Chief of the General Staff, I am very proud to see you integrating in such a natural and successful manner to select jobs and in the leading technological units of the IDF. The absorption of Haredi soldiers into the IDF in recent years in the Air Force, Naval Corps, Ground Forces, Intelligence Corps and the Telecommunications Directorate is a story of success which should be continued and increased as much as possible,” Lt. Gen. Ashkenazi told the solders.

During his tour, the Chief of the General Staff met with graduates of the computer programming course who are serving in the Shachar IDF track for Haredi soldiers. He heard from the graduates about the difficulties they face at home among their families because of their enlistment in the IDF, and also about the pride they feel when returning home in their uniforms. The soldiers told the Chief of the General Staff that as of today, nine months since they enlisted, they are being used as a model for many other youth in the ultra Orthodox community.

Lt. Gen. Ashkenazi added during the visit that, “the IDF, as the army of the nation, which has obligations towards the Israeli society that it comes from and that it serves, will continue leading national missions, including increasing enlistment tracks for Haredis which enable ultra Orthodox soldiers to be placed in meaningful and quality IDF placements while maintaining their unique religious lifestyle within an IDF framework.”

source ,dover Tsahal


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