Los daneses salen a la calle contra el islam

por as1944

. Unos 750 soldados daneses están destinadoa al ISAF (OTAN) ,y casi todos se encuentran en Helmand ,bajo mando británico..


13 comentarios to “Los daneses salen a la calle contra el islam”

  1. thank you for your video. I WAS at the demo and I have 2 other videos at my blog http://semit.wordpress.com/ and 4-5 articles if that have your interest. There have been so much discussion about hitz bu-tahrir in Denmark, but they are not illigel here but they are more og less all over the arabic world. Neither naziparties og swastica are illigal. On the other hand, the danes are more israel-friendly than most countries in the world.

    Me gusta

  2. All political groups came from far left to nazis, really. A blog said it was the biggest right-radical manifestation for years with 5-25 nazis og at least radical-right people together.

    The speakers were politicians and groups for human rights. A good speach was jalah tavakoli who is the leader of FREEIRAN and represent iranian refuggees and that is why she has a big crediabiity. In fact your second video shows her speak.

    Me gusta


    Un cariñoso saludo desde Israel

    Me gusta

  4. Mr. Semit, you have been very courageous to see the direct rejection against Islam and what it means in the long run, death, death and more death, she dances around Mahoma but so wrong, it is prudent to consider thati, which the escalation of the Arabs as a strategy of struggle, as specifically been annexed to the Catholic faith, with those who renounce Islam are hung up immediately because of his fault, but today more than ever the Islamists are scattered around the world, to hinder something that will occur by surprise and massively to the Jewish people, since my family and closest friends, we stay on this side dimensional, could you tell me as a Jew, if some Westerners like me, afraid of believers and only God could also be saved at the time of the Great Leap grabbing Tzion ..?

    Me gusta

  5. I am not a prophet but I know that the resistance towards israel is growing but also that the cooperation and recognizion also is growing, special from the east, china and India. I hope that the tunesia phenomen will spread to Jordan and then will rename Jordan into Palestine. That will solve a lot. A new map.

    So Israel will be safe for the next decades, but if hamas, islamic jihad, hezbollah, hitz bu tahir grow, Israel has a problem in the long run.

    The arabs will not cooperate with the catholic church because all non.muslims are HAREM. They prefere tremselves and as you can see in Egypt, muslims are attacking christians, so muslims will not cooperate with christians. Rather christians cooperate with jews.

    Me gusta

  6. actually you’re right about something, the Arabs peaked in some countries, when inserted in the societies where they come as refugees, relying on the Catholic faith, as a strategic way of profit, but then their lifestyle gives them away with their brutal customs and prehistoric, Catholics have become friends of the Jews lately, but not by ourselves in the minority, remember you being the chosen people will be kidnapped by the eternal massive and surprisingly, I hope you’re prepared for that moment, protect yourself many friends, and do not rely on the Christians, and less beautiful Arab women

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  7. los paises de izquierda se aian con los terroristas arabes por el petrolio.

    Me gusta

  8. los paises de izquierda se alian con los paises arabes terroristas por el petroleo.

    Me gusta

  9. Gustavo; pero Venezuela tiene buen petroleo.
    Son los países latinoamericanos los que se están dejando dañar el oído de los países musulmanes.
    Objetivo: Impulsar el Islam acá en nuestros países tal como lo están haciendo con Europa. No hay nada que les interese mas que eso. Saludos

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  10. Muchas gracias por su atención,sr. del Semit Blogg en nombre del Grupo Sionista AS 1944

    Me gusta

  11. Thanks for your info Mr. Semit and for your cooperation!
    Always is good to know new Israel supporters around the world.
    I´ve visited your blog but unfortunately my danish is not really fluent je je je

    Anyway, greetings from Spain!

    Me gusta

  12. Semit:

    I really appreciate your sugestion. Of course I know “Google translator” but it´s not the same. In my opinion if you use a translator you lost the spirit of the article sometimes coz the translation is unconnected.

    Thanks for your concern!

    Me gusta


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