Aznar,ex presidente de España,en The Wall Street Journal

por as1944

Si D. José Maria Aznar no existiese habría que inventarlo
Peace after Mubarak
By José María Aznar, Wall Street Journal, 11/2/2011
Friends of Israel Initiative Newsletter,

“Those of us who believe in open societies, in democracy and in freedom, have the obligation to help see that the changes unfolding in the region head in the right direction”.
The choice between an autocratic dictator and freedom is a no-brainer: freedom trumps. Hence, we need not shed any tears for the fall of the Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak. However, it would be disingenuous to think that his departure will automatically deliver democracy to Egypt. True democracy is much more than just general elections. It requires a framework of independent institutions, free of government interference, ranging from the judicial to the press and ingrained in a culture of tolerance.
Freedom in the Arab world is not an impossible dream, but there are many who would like it to remain that way –radical Islamists, for a start–. Therefore, if we really want to help Egypt bring about the dawn of a regime that allows freedom of expression and religious tolerance, it is important not to make the mistake of accepting in the name of tolerance the presence of intolerant people in public institutions. For Egypt to avoid the fate of becoming a second Lebanon, the Muslim Brotherhood must not attain power.
To begin with, the international community must demand that Egypt reaffirms its commitment to its international obligations under the peace treaty with Israel. Compliance with this treaty will help avoid unnecessary military costs and the risk of a new confrontation in the region. In 1974, Israel’s defence expenditure accounted for 30% of GDP; today it does not even reach the 8% mark, mainly because of the 30-year peace with Egypt attained with the Camp David Accords in 1979. Neither Egypt nor Israel have had to worry about their shared borders during all these years. The best way for Egypt to guarantee a better focus on the prosperity and well-being of its citizens is for its leaders in Cairo to comply with the terms of the peace treaty with Israel; the best way for the international community to guarantee stability in the region is to make Egypt understand just that.
Finally, Egypt will never be a real and peaceful democracy if it does not bring to an end the practice of teaching hatred against the Jewish people and putting the blame for its own errors on Israel. Just as there are no sharks in Sharm el-Sheik trained by the Mossad, neither is Israel an imperialistic power that only seeks regional domination. Democracy is incompatible with the eternal search for a foreign enemy on whom to blame everything. A democratic Egypt is incompatible with a culture of hatred that urges violence against Israel and the Jewish people. Democracy requires an inward and outward change of attitude, which, in turn, also requires a change of mentality and a new approach to education.
Hosni Mubarak has fallen, but that does not necessarily mean that Egypt must fall, too. The best help we can give Egypt is to show it a clear path to democracy, explaining what it must and must not do. The first step should be to show respect for the only stable democracy in the region: Israel.

7 comentarios to “Aznar,ex presidente de España,en The Wall Street Journal”

  1. ¿Podeis traducirlo?. Gracias.

    Me gusta

  2. Usted debe de perdonarnos.Nuestros maridos llegan ahora,y le vamos a recoger con el auto y no podemos.
    Nos despedimos de ustedes por hoy.


    Me gusta

  3. Por si le sirve a alguien, con esto se puede sacar algo, es electrónico claro y además hay que traducir por partes pues no acepta todo el texto de golpe pero para adelantar algo sirve:

    Me gusta

  4. no se si se repite, pero no veo mi comentario anterior
    de todas lo repito
    buen articulo, estoy totamente deacuerdo!

    Me gusta

  5. No se si habria que inventar a Don Jose Maria Aznar si este no existiese pero lo que se es que este una vez fue Presidente del Reino de España y la politica filoarabista de este Estado no cambio en lo sustancial.

    Predicar ahora no tiene ningun merito cuando a la palabra no puedes unir los actos. Tampoco esta realizando ningun acto sincero de contricion, es solo que es consciente de que Israel es, desgraciadisimamente, el baluarte que mantiene vivo a su pais y a Europa en general. Aznar quiere que Israel luche la guerra del Reino de España y de Europa.

    Me gusta

  6. Amigo Nowhereman:
    A nosotros nos parece que su actitud un tanto recelosa respecto de Aznar es totalmente infundada. Aceptamos el que algunas de sus políticas pasadas hacia el mundo árabe no fueran de nuestro agrado. El hecho es que no debemos permitir que el pasado oscurezca el futuro. Aznar es lo mejor que tiene la democracia Europea en estos momentos, y su actitud valiente, sincera y generosa hacia Israel debemos tomarla en su justa medida, sin melindres ni questionamientos de poca monta.

    Me gusta


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