Mi nombre es Abdul …

por Israel y Oriente Medio

Mi nombre es Abdul, y  soy musulman, sionista y arabe

Israel es mi hogar. Israel es donde mis amigos, arabes y judios, viven (resto del articulo en ingles…)

My name is Abdol and I’m a Muslim, Zionist Arab.
Israel is my home. Israel is where my friends – Arabs & Jews – live. Israel is where I have rights and Israel is where my family lives. I joined the IDF to give back to a country that keeps giving to me. I had a tough time in the army because in my village it was difficult for others to understand why I joined the IDF and on the other hand my unit in the IDF didn’t know how to accept an Arab. But I love my country and I overcome any difficulties. I also learned to understand the Jewish nation. I went to Poland as a student in high school and learned about the Holocaust. One of my main projects was a movie I made about the Holocaust. Its purpose was to ensure this never happens again anywhere in the world. We must not go the way of terror. We must find a way to peace and pluralism. I’m proud to be Arab & Israeli.»

That’s just one of a number of testimonies from a diverse cross-section of Israeli society that have been  gathered by the Australasian Union of Jewish Students (AUJS) to demonstrate the strength of Israel’s pluralism, democracy, and enlightenment, and to give the lie to the grotesque, despicable, canard that Israel is an «apartheid state».

Congratulations to AUJS for this wonderful antidote to the malicious falsehoods from Israel’s enemies that characterise so-called «Israel Apartheid Week».

Fuente: http://daphneanson.blogspot.com.au/2013/03/im-muslim-zionist-arab-proud-to-be-arab.html

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