Casualidades de la vida

por Israel y Oriente Medio

¿Es por casualidad que de los 10 peores paises del mundo para las mujeres, los 10 sean mayoritariamente musulmanes?


«By An Odd Coincidence The Top 10 Worst Countries In The World For Women Are Muslim Majority Nations

The Most Unfair Countries For Women

24/7 Wall St. reviewed the 10 nations that received the worst score in the World Economic Forum’s 2013 Global Gender Gap Report. Each country was graded based on its score in four key areas: economic participation and opportunity; educational attainment; health and survival; and political empowerment. Countries scored worse by each measure when the gap between men and women for that measure was the widest. For example, women in Yemen do not have the lowest literacy rate in the world, but the gap between men and women by that measure is the widest, so Yemen received the lowest score for literacy. At the time the WEF produced their study all figures represented the most recently available data.

10. Saudi Arabia9. Mali, 8. Morocco, 7. Iran, 6. Ivory Coast*, 5. Mauritania4. Syria, 3. Chad, 2. Pakistan, 1. Yemen

*Ivory Coast is the exception, Islam is the largest subset of its religious diversity – Muslim 38.6%, Christian 32.8%, indigenous 11.9%, none 16.7% – CIA Factbook»

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  1. Nada hombre…

    Una «simple coincidencia»

    Un saludo cordial!

    Me gusta

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