El New York Times, cómplice del genocidio nazi, sigue atacando al pueblo judío

por jabotito


Mi comentario:

The New York Times was wrong to identify the true intentions of North Korea, The New York Times was “deadly” wrong in Identifying the true intentions of Hitler in the second World War and the New York Times is always wrong about the Middle East, Why should its report and evaluation of Netanyahu’s speech be different???

I never read the times unless referred by someone for a specific point. I do not consider it an unbiased source of news, an intelligent source of opinion or a creative source of ideas. Besides, their stories are at the ninth grade reading level. Literally. I checked, and you can, too, if you disbelieve. Times keeps begging me for subscriptions, their readership is diminishing; less market for parrots these days.

Did the NY Times also applaud the Munich Agreement in 1938? Because I know they chose not to cover the Holocaust.

It follows a long history of similar distortions, dating back to the1930′s when The New York Times downplayed the Nazi persecution, and later, genocide of European Jews in order to avoid being seen as a “Jewish” newspaper.

Funny. Bolshevik Islamofascist New York Times defends the interests of a regime which chants “DEATH TO AMERICA” in the streets of Tehran, while condemns the country whose existence is threatened by it.

Typical immoral and political perversion of hardcore liberals, always defending the worst causes, always getting wrong (like they did with North Korea). The Times has a long history of supporting even the faintest of hopes when it comes to reconciliation with ruthless dictators.


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