Gaza Israel al día 18

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Operation Protective Edge – Day 18

Since the beginning of the ground phase of Operation Protective Edge, 843 rockets were launched by Gaza terrorists towards Israel. 658 of those rockets struck Israeli territory, while an additional 166 were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system. Since midnight, 8 rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip towards Israel, whereas 1 was intercepted, and 7 hit Israeli territory. As part of the overall Operation, over 65,000 reserve forces have been drafted by the IDF.

Overnight the IDF targeted 45 terror activity sites. Amongst them was a military command post, which included Hamas internal security offices and the office of a Hamas senior operative, Ra’at Habat. Earlier this morning, in a combined IDF-ISA effort, Salah Abu Hasim, a member of the PIJ Military Council, was targeted in the southern Gaza Strip.


The following is footage of IDF paratroopers that discovered a weapons cache in its area of operations in the Gaza Strip, which included RPGs, grenades, rounds of munitions’, and landmines, among additional forms of military equipment and bomb making material. To download the video right-click here and “save as”. 


Today, July 25, 2014, the Kerem-Shalom Crossing will be open for the transfer of humanitarian supplies, between 08:00-15:00. 


The following is footage of IDF forces facilitating the safe passage of medical movement in their respective area of operational activity within the Gaza Strip. To download the video right-click here and “save as”.


Furthermore, the following is information regarding senior terror operatives who were targeted in the Gaza Strip over the past week:

·         Tafat  Muhammad Hamed (1977), a senior PIJ operative in the Beit Hanoun region, was responsible for rocket attacks at Israeli communities over the last months, which broke the seize fire agreement and lead to Operation Protective Edge.

·         Hasim Abad Elkader Mecusan, a senior PIJ operative in the area of Shuja’iyya.

·         Akrem Sha’ad (1973), senior PIJ operative in the area of Khan Yunis, was responsible for executing terror attacks against Israel and firing rockets at civilians. 

·         Mahmud Ziada, a senior PIJ operative in the area of Jabalia, was responsible for the proliferation of rockets and their firing at Israeli communities.

·         Ahmed Sahamood, a senior terror operative in the Khan Yunis area.

·         Asama Alhia, a Hamas leading terrorist in the Shuja’iyya region, son of Halil Alhia, a highly ranked operative in Hamas’s political wing.

·         Mahmad Shaaban, a senior Hamas operative.

·         Abdala Al Haras, a senior leader in the Hamas military wing. 



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